Killer Leg Day & Plyo Circuit

Awhile back I wrote about how I wanted to change my blog to really document the changes I am making to ‘heal’ myself; physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally ALL THAT JAZZ.

A huge, huge part of my life right now is fitness and working out. I used to love it so much in high school, and then I gave up fitness in favor of buffalo wild wings crunchy chicken wraps and pitchers of beer in college (shit happens, y’all.)

When life smacked me with some pretty bad chronic fatigue/adrenal issues, I thought I could never do hard work outs again. While it’s true when you’re first healing you shouldn’t, for most people they can work their way up to being able to do workouts like this!


Ok so this whole workout will take you about an hour if you are doing it without breaking too much and PUSSSSSHIIIING yourself. Your heart rate should be at peak training zone a lot throughout this if you are doing it right.


Warm Up:
Dynamic stretching (leg swings!) and stretching out your leggies + arms/shoulders/back (plyos will use your whole body)

Circuit One:
Don’t rest in between the exercises.. only after the entire circuit one is complete!

10 burpees
15 jump squats
15 squats
20 jump lunges
20 standing lunges
10 burpees

1 minute of rest. 2 min if you absolutely have to. the point is to get in your cardio too so don’t rest too long!

Circuit Two:

50 Jumping Jacks
20 Step Ups + Knee Raise or Kick
20 Sumo Squats
20 Standing Lunges
10 Jump Squats
50 Jumping Jacks

Rest 1-2 min again and repeat the entire Circuit One & Two again.


If you have it in you, keep going on to the next part of this killaaaa workout.

Break Time: Abs!

I took this workout from cardio day of Ashley Conrad’s Clutch Cut program which you can find here for demonstrations on how to do everything. The video showing you exactly how to do everything is here.

I did one circuit of abs consisting of:

Jackknife Sit-Ups, 90 Degree Crunch, Weighted Bicycles, 90 Degree Toe Taps, Elbow Walk, Army Crawl (can’t do these yet lolz),Exercise Ball Crunch w/ weight, and Isolated Crunches.

All with reps to failure.


Last leg circuit for burnout..

60 sec: Kettlebell Sumo Squats
30 sec: squat jumps (all out)
60 sec: Curtsy Lunges
30 sec: jumping lunges (all out)
60 sec: Front Squats
30 sec: speed skaters (all out)
60 sec: Hip Bridges
30 sec: Tuck Jumps (all out) or jump onto plyometric box
60 sec: Walking lunges
30 sec: pulsing squat



Now collapse onto floor.


Let me know how this workout goes for you – I did it yesterday and I am definitely feeling it today! Feels great 😀

Lots of Love,



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