Can You Be Sassy AND Spiritual?

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Smack someone meditating cat

Can you be sassy, feisty, angry, sad, and a beeeeeotch sometimes and still be spiritual?

Of course.

When I was just starting my meditation, yoga, and spirituality journey I thought that I would get to a point where I would feel no pain, sadness, or anger. I thought this was the magical cure to live a life full of beautiful unicorns and glitter and chocolate! Holy shitz was I wrong about that.  I thought I had to be ‘perfect’ in order to be spiritual – always be happy, drink my raw organic green juice, and spend my Saturdays manifesting instead of hanging out with friends.  Over time I have realized, being spiritual has nothing to do with feeling positive and happy all the time – sure, that can happen and you will experience more joy and deeper happiness than ever before, – but you will also experience much deeper sadness, anger, and moments of sassiness and hair flips and passionate ‘disagreements’.

When you start on your spiritual journey, you will notice all your darkness. You’ll open your mind and see – wow, I can be really short tempered, or realize that you’re the one who has been gossiping and spreading lies about a friend. You may think that because you possess these traits, you can never be spiritual or you must get rid of them in order to be spiritual.  I’m here to break it to you: being short tempered or spreading lies or gossiping are not things that make you unable to be ‘spiritual.’  Your ability to look at these traits, not judge them as bad, and go “hmmm.. that’s interesting. I wonder why I do that? How can I work on this in the future?” is what makes you spiritual.

Spirituality isn’t about sitting on a meditation pillow for days on end, chanting and reaching some mystical place of enlightenment. Sure, that may be for a small percentage of humans, but for most of us we just want our spirituality to help us out in our day to day life.

News flash: Anyone can be spiritual. You do not have to be perfect. You don’t have to be Mother Theresa or win “Most Likely To Adopt 100,000 Orphans From A Third World Country” in order to be spiritual.

You can be spiritual and throw back shots of whiskey on the weekends, if you want. You can be spiritual and mess up and hurt people’s feelings. You can be spiritual and attend every yoga retreat and meditation workshop available. You can be spiritual and never attend church… or you can be spiritual and attend church every day.

The point is.. you are a spiritual being if your motivation is to always keep evolving, keep growing, and keep learning. By no means am I happy all the time, or calm and peaceful when i’m upset. However, the difference is that I make sure I learn from everything. I pray, I journal, I meditate, I forgive, I let go, I practice gratitude and mantras, and I look at every experience as a lesson for growth. To me, this is spirituality.

Spirituality is about being the light and bringing the love as much as you can. You’re human and you will slip up, so so many times. Look at these slip-ups objectively and ask how you can grow. This is what makes you spiritual – not chanting, or becoming a Reiki master, or a saint.

So many people blame themselves and label themselves as ‘bad’ or think they can’t develop their spirituality because they would have to become booooooring. I’m here to tell you you can still go out drinking, download Tinder, and watch every episode of The Real Housewives of Wherever.  And when you do, make sure to invite me because I would hate to miss any episode of Bravo TV.

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