6 Ways To Get Out Of Your Head When You’re An Overthinker

Over-thinking can turn our little problems into disasters, as well as bring our minds to conclusions that are totally false or overly dramatic. There are times when over-thinking can become so prevalent in our life that it may seem like we’re going crazy.  Trust me, i’ve been there (or should I say I am there?) and these are the things that absolutely work for me. I know because I am a Grade A over-thinker and my mind is pretty damn dramatic 😉

Ok so let’s get you some moments of peace and sanity, shall we?


1. Workout…HARD!

When you can’t stop thinking, you need a workout that is going to MAKE you stop thinking!  A leisurely walk, or even a run, will probably have you analyzing and thinking about your problem just as if you were at home sitting in bed again.  In order to really get out of your head, you need to do something that is different, difficult, and fast-paced. Nothing works quite like an intense HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout or something that leaves me laying in a puddle of my own sweat at the end of it.  It doesn’t matter what kind of workout it is as long as it pushes your limits.  HIIT, circuit training, kickboxing.. they all use fast-paced, constantly changing movements which means you have no choice but to pay attention to the workout and how hard your cute little heart is beating.

Something amazing happens when we push our physical body to the limit — we realize that emotionally we are strong, too. We realize we are stronger than we thought, more resilient than we thought.



2. Create Something

When we can’t stop thinking, it’s so important for us to do a creative project that gets us out of our heads and into our hearts.  If you think you’re not a creative person, think again!  What is something you can do that you ‘lose hours’ doing?  Think of the activities you’ve done where you completely lose track of time because you’re so involved in what you’re creating.

Although i’m not all that good at it, whenever I draw or create a blog post or create content for my blog I lose track of time. Creating videos and editing them takes me totally out of my mind and into my creative side, even when all i’m doing is cutting and editing.

I challenge you to lose hours making a vision board if you haven’t recently. Cut out things that inspire you, things you want to manifest, feelings/emotions you want to experience, etc. Place it somewhere you can see it everyday.



3. Spend Time With People Who Enjoy Life

If you’re going through a really hard time and you can’t stop over-thinking, spend time with people who really enjoy and are positive about life. Energy is contagious, and this will be contagious in the best way.

If you don’t know anyone like this, spend time where you think these people would be. A juice bar? A cute organic coffee bar? A meditation class? Spend time where you think happy people would be and go soak up their energy. You don’t even have to talk to them – just go and be with their excitement and passion for life.


For me, i’m lucky and have some friends that always distract me from whatever is going on in my mind. When I leave them I feel refreshed and happy again. Laughter and doing stupid things with your friends are real forms of therapy 🙂


4. Aromatherapy, Music, & Coloring/Reading/Writing

Diffuse an essential oil blend throughout your room and watch the magical effects it has on your mood. Turn on your favorite music – something that makes you feel relaxed yet happy and optimistic.  Save the sad music for a different time, please 🙂

Grab one of those awesome adult coloring books and immerse yourself in the complete experience of smell, sound, and using your hands which distracts your brain momentarily. Coloring and writing distract your mind while allowing you to move your hand which creates ‘flow’ in the body.  Reading distracts the mind and depending what you’re reading, can transport you into another world.


5. Play With/Cuddle an Animal

This needs no explanation. If you’re not an animal person… WHO ARE YOU???

I will say this, though: You’re never too old for a petting zoo. If you’re in a bad mood and over-thinking life, take yo’ ass to the petting zoo and then get back to me.


Petting a Greek donkey.. he didn’t understand me but that’s okay we still bonded
any excuse to put a picture of George as a puppy

6. Meditate

You knew this one would be on here!  Although meditation will bring up all your thoughts, this is the time to practice and get good at releasing them.

Recently when i’m overthinking to the point of insanity I just sit with some crystals (whichever ones i’m feeling that day), plug in my headphones to ocean waves or stream sounds, and set a timer for 15 minutes.

Whenever thoughts come up (and they will because you are a living, breathing, intelligent human being!), I put them in a cloud above my head and physically blow the thought away. For example, if you’re sitting there and thinking about your test tomorrow, put the word “School/Test” in a cloud above your head and physically blow it away from you. Return to breathing.


If you’re stuck in your thoughts, try something from this list. These are things i’ve actually been doing for myself because I am in the process of healing my over-thinking addiction as well 😛 If you have any tips for me, I would love love love to hear them.

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