FULL MOON, BABY! : How To Get Energy + Manifest From The Moon

About a year ago I got pretty into the moon cycles and started practicing a full moon ritual as well as a new moon ritual.  I started to realize how insanely synced up my moods and energies were to the moon.  Pretty cool, right?  Nothing better than those realizations that wow, there really is more to life than we can see.

I always seemed to get super emotional around the full moon – for better or worse – and the new moon was my time to set intentions that (thanks to the energy of the moons) usually happened throughout the next moon phase.  Coincidence or not, I think these synchronicities are really awesome.

Anyways, I got away from my moon practices and wound up feeling cranky, overwhelmed, and overly emotional on this lovely July day. Something inside me told me to check what phase the moon was in, and of course, there is a full moon tonight. *Cue me laughing at myself for not understanding where all this extra emotional energy was coming from and thinking I was nuts*

Now, i’m not saying your moods are influenced purely by the moon but I am saying it’s pretty cool to check out how moods are intensified and energy is abundant around these times.  Whether you believe in the energy of the moon or not doesn’t really matter, it’s always good to keep an open mind to any concept that can bring you closer to the flow of the earth and space.

So if you’re feeling extra feisty, sad, or off-the-walls happy unicorn… here’s some tips for harnessing the Full Moon Energy!

1. Step Up The Self-Care

Whatever you are currently going through in life right now will be amplified and intensified by the full moon’s energy.  The moon is extending out an abundance of energy for us to use during this time, but if we’re unaware or choose not to use it properly, it can leave us feeling overwhelmed, sad, and angry.

For the day before and day of the full moon, be extra nice to yourself.

I’ve been feeling under the weather for a few days and today it finally hit me how awful I was feeling… I took out my favorite inspiring journal, book i’m reading, and uplifting mango tangerine candle and allowed myself to nap and relax.  I know it’s not realistic to drop what you’re doing when you have work to attend, but when you get home be extra nice to yourself.


2. Choose Love Over Fear

During times of extra energy, it’s easy for us to get caught up in our thoughts and feelings. Our negative and positive emotions become amplified by the energy of this moon phase, so choose wisely what you’re thinking about!

As often as I can, I try to remember to choose loving thoughts over fearful ones. It’s not a magic trick that will instantly transform every bad mood, but consciously doing this over time rewires thinking patterns.

If the energy is pumping, I would rather it be pumping love than fear!

3. Manifest

This is the time to manifest!

Use this powerful energy to put your desires and goals into the form of a vision board, or to write down what you want to manifest. Want a new relationship? Manifest. Want to land a book deal? Imagine yourself on your book tour and MANIFEST!

There’s really no better time to send these intentions out into the universe than when the energy is so strong.


So there you have it! If you’re new to all this moon stuff I encourage you to research a little more about it if you are interested. It’s just another way to use the tools the Universe has given us to live more abundant lives.

If you are interested in a free 30 minute consultation with me, contact me at katie.theblissfulblog@gmail.com  🙂  If you want more info on what private coaching is, check out my page here.  I can’t wait to connect with you ❤

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Lots of love,



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