Forgiveness: How To Move On & Find Peace After You’ve Been Hurt (+Audio Meditation)



Are you holding onto resentment, anger, and sadness?

Has someone hurt you in the past – be it a friend, boss, ex bf/gf, or current partner?

Be honest… have you truly let go of that resentment towards them? I mean truly, truly let it go?


If you’re like 99.99% of us (a very legit statistic, I know) chances are there’s at least one person you haven’t forgiven for something that has happened in the past.  At any one point in time, many of us probably have more people we need to forgive than fingers we have to count with.  Really think about it – how many people are you holding resentments against? Probably a lot more than you ever imagined.

Sure, life goes on and you “forget” what people did to you.  But do you ever really forget, or do you just ignore the issue?  The problem with not forgiving, stuffing our feelings down, and “forgetting” is that the energy of resentment and sadness gets stored in our bodies.  When we don’t release these negative energies, they remain in our heart chakra and cloud our ability to open ourselves to love and opportunities.  I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t want that.  I want my heart chakra to stay as open and clear as I can.

When i’m having a really difficult time after being hurt by someone, I practice a forgiveness meditation every morning until I feel guided to stop. You’ll know when you’ve forgiven.. it can take months of daily practice, but keep at it. You will feel the relief and know how much progress you’ve made if you dedicate yourself to a daily forgiveness practice.

Don’t worry if you think you’ve forgiven and then one day the resentment pops back in. That’s normal .. just practice your forgiveness meditation again, journal it out, and release and let go. Feels better already 🙂

In this forgiveness meditation, I use Archangel Raphael to accelerate the healing process. If you’re unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the idea of archangels, just dump it and bring in a vision of your own healer – Whether that be the Universe, a golden ball of light, or just listen along to the words of the meditation and ignore that part!

If you ARE interested in archangels, Archangel Raphael is the go-to angel for healing. So if your heart hurts, call on him in your prayers and meditations. His energy is green, so when you’re healing you can imagine yourself all wrapped up in glowing green light if that helps 🙂 I’m a visual person, so I like to know these kinds of things.

BONUS! If you’re into crystals and stones, bring out your favorite heart chakra stone/crystal.  My favorite right now is Anyolite, which was gifted to me by my wonderful teacher Heather Waxman. Pictured as the green lil’ guy below.



I hope this meditation helps you along your forgiveness healing journey. For questions or if you just want to share your thoughts, feel free to contact me at  — I love hearing from you!

Lots of love,




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