Kundalini Meditation: Ego Eradicator + FIRST VIDEO!

Let me tell you… I absolutely never thought that I would be into Kundalini. If you’re unfamiliar (as I was up until about 6 months ago), Kundalini is a meditation practice that brings together some pretty intense breathing techniques along with physical movement. I still remember the first time I accidentally decided to take a Kundalini class…

The second the chanting started and the mantras got going I thought to myself, “No thank you this is absolutely bat sh*t crazy.”  Well, I just wasn’t read yet to meet Kundalini yet!

Fast forward to this year, sometime around the spring. I had been feeling a little low on energy and craving more passion in my life. Miraculously (as the Universe always is!), my wonderful friend and teacher Heather Waxman came into my life as my personal spiritual coach.  I remember our first session like it was yesterday.

Since my first run in with Kundalini, I had avoided it like the plague. I hated the feeling of intense breathing techniques and really didn’t like having to work out during meditation. After all, wasn’t that supposed to be my relaxation time?!

Well, the Universe had different plans for me as she always does.  Katie, meet Sat Kriya. Meet Ego Eradicator. Meet Aura Cleanse.

The first time I heard these things they meant absolutely nothing to me and I was confused, if not downright terrified to try them. I know that sounds a little dramatic, but I really was actually afraid of these techniques! They seemed so foreign and so difficult and I couldn’t see the point.

Heather guided me through 3 minutes of each Kundalini exercise and by the end of it I was beat. I had never really used my diaphragm like that, let alone tried to keep my hands in the air for so long. It was scary, but liberating. The chanting and the breathing and the strange hand positions still seemed foreign and a little psychotic to me, but I decided I was going to keep practicing it every single day.

Well, months later I can tell you I have finally warmed up to Kundalini and while I am just in the baby stages of my relationship with it, I can tell you the effects are pretty dramatic when practiced regularly.

If you’re new to Ego Eradicator, it may take just one time or a handful of times before you feel a difference. For me, it took a few times for me to get the hang of it and once I did, WOW! That’s why I chose to share with you this particular meditation, because for me it is the most immediate, powerful, and transformative meditation for detoxing quickly!

Physical Benefits of Ego Eradicator Meditation:

  • Detoxifies the lungs; Clears out old, stagnant air from lungs
  • Aids in blood circulation; Purifies & cleanses blood by increasing oxygen
  • Energizing – very noticeable benefit!
  • Said to balance nervous system by balancing sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (homeostasis) nervous systems
  • Reduces anxiety, useful for resetting breath during panic attacks, & eases depression
  • Boosts digestion

Spiritual & Emotional Benefits:

  • Clears negative energy out of chakras, especially the heart & solar plexus chakras
  • Opens heart chakra while strengthening solar plexus chakra (where personal power is stored)
  • Builds a beautiful, bright, radiant aura

Sound good? If so then let’s get started! I’ll take you through a three minute ego eradicator meditation.

YES – I know it looks strange so don’t judge 😉

Step One: Sit in easy pose on the ground or on a cushion with back straight.

Step Two: Raise arms with palms facing forward to 60 degrees.  Place fingertips onto pads of the palm and bring the thumb out to face the sky.

Step Three: Begin Breath of Fire! Take it slow if you need to at first and build up to a faster pace. Make sure to focus on the exhale and let the inhale come naturally. Keep closed eyes focused on the third eye and remember to relax the face 🙂

Step Four: Bring thumbs to touch above head, extend the fingers out towards the sky, hold the breath and then release.

Let me know how it goes for you! If you hate it the first time, try it a few more times. If you love it, I am so happy you can add this to your practice ❤

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