New Changes + Reinventing The Blog!

Hi everyone!

Every year when it is time to renew the blog I can’t believe how fast time has passed. This year it has been 5 years since I first decided I wanted to put my thoughts and feelings on display in the form of a blog 😉 Since then, so much has changed.

When I first started The Blissful Blog I was 18 going on 19. I was just coming out of a year long battle with being sick, anxious, and overall in a bad place. I took up meditation, TONS of yoga, and countless green drinks and plant-based ‘cleanses’ to try and feel better. Guess what? They all worked! In their own way, all the things I was doing were helping in some way – be it mentally, physically, or spiritually. I was in pursuit of living my life from that blissed out state you get in after a long meditation or a fiery yoga practice. What I didn’t know is that the next five years would open up a whole bunch of spiritual lessons for me to learn.

When I started this blog I was all about finding one emotion only: bliss. What the Universe taught me, however, is that there is a whole load of other emotions that are just as welcome in the experience of life.

As my blog has grown, so have I. I have so many different interests that I want to explore on here! I’ve gotten really into learning how women can use divine feminine energy to transform their lives, or how kundalini meditation can open up your chakras in a pretty amazing way. I’ve learned about crystals, different meditation techniques, and have opened myself up to a fitness journey i’m currently loving.

My life has undergone a lot of changes recently. Relationships and friendships have ended, I graduated from college, my career choice has changed a million times, and at times all the changes can be overwhelming. I’ve decided there’s got to be a reason all these changes are occurring, and i’m going to use it as an excuse to dive the deepest into my spiritual practice and life purpose as I can.  SO… I think my blog is in need of some major love and renovation!

My intention for the next year of my lil’ bloggie’s life is to bring to you the things I personally do to help me heal from tough times and the practices I use to feel light and full of love for myself and others. I’ve decided I want to (at some point in the near future) open myself back up for coaching to women who could use a partner in their journey to finding happiness and health again. I want to make videos, take pictures, and actually really show you what i’m doing.


While the blog name will most likely stay the same (for now), the content of the blog may change a bit. I know a majority of the people I know in real life are not incredibly interested in energy, the universe, and deep spiritual practices but for now this is what feels right for me so i’m going to run with it!

If the site looks a little under construction, please bare with me:)

Lots of love,


3 thoughts on “New Changes + Reinventing The Blog!

  1. You truly are an amazing woman. Tom and I see you growing. Shedding the old and growing into new. It is all wonderful steps in life. We are blessed and better people from your love. Go get it Katie. Open all the doors and paths.

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