The Importance of Morning Routines

Every wellness blogger talks about morning routines – it’s just something you can’t escape.  So for years during my wellness journey I rebelled against this advice because mornings are busy, and to be honest, i’m lazy when I wake up.

I meditated at all different hours every day, which usually meant not actually getting around to it.  I said I would pray, but I would forget during the business of everyday life.  I said I would take time to journal, but by bedtime the thought of taking out a pen and my notebook made my eyelids heavy and somehow I would end up pressing “Next Episode” on Netflix. Oops.

All of that changed this year after I went back to school.  This year my goal was to not let my spiritual practice fall completely off track during the school year.  I had made so much progress during the summer and didn’t want to lose it all to college parties and the stress of school work.

Luckily, one day I happened to be watching Heather Waxman’s livestream and she mentioned how important morning is to your spiritual practice.  She said that while meditating at night is good, it is in the morning that you’re able to ‘purify yourself’ before you go out into the world.  It’s an instant shower for your mind, body, and soul when you take the mornings to devote to your spiritual practice.  AND – if all else fails and the day gets crazy busy, at least you already did something nice for yourself!

I took Heather’s advice and since August I have been giving myself 30 minutes to an hour in the morning (almost every day) to take care of myself.  If I have class, I wake up an hour early. If I don’t have class, it’s harder to motivate myself to get up, but I still do it because the benefits have been nothing short of miraculous. (I’m not exaggerating).

te and journal

I wanted to share an example of my morning routine in case it will help you! This is what I do before a 10:20 AM class, so keep that in mind.

7:45 AM : Wake up time 🙂 Usually roll around in bed for the next 10 minutes. Go to the bathroom, change into warm clothes (usually it’s freezing), light my favorite candles (the vanilla & lavender one from Bath & Body works is my favorite!), and head over to my meditation chair.

8 AM : Depending on the day and if I want to journal, I will meditate anywhere from 10-30 minutes. Good morning meditations include Metta (Loving-Kindness Meditations – my favorite!) or ego-releasing meditations.

8:30 AM : “Flow Writing” : I set a timer on my phone for 7 minutes and write in my journal whatever comes to mind.  When the timer goes off, you go through what you wrote and pick out one word or phrase that has a real emotional pull. On the next page, write that word down and start another 7 minute round.  Repeat the same process one last time!

9AM: This is when i’ll put on an inspirational podcast. Lately i’ve been loving Katie Dalebout’s “Wellness Wonderland,” The LIFE by Cynthia Occelli’s Femininity Series, and Connie Chapman’s “Awaken Radio” Podcasts. I listen to these while doing my makeup and getting ready and while cooking my breakfast.

9:15AM-9:40 AM : This is when I take a long time to eat my breakfast, drink my coffee, maybe scroll through social media or read whatever book i’m reading at the time.

9:45 AM: Out the door! Happy and relaxed 😀

This is what has been working for me, but you can adapt and change it to include whatever makes YOU happiest and the most calm.  These are some of the very real benefits i’ve experienced since making this a committed routine :

  • Huge decrease in general anxiety
  • Ability to make it to class and focus (I used to either not show up for class, or spend the whole time zoned out)
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Increased motivation
  • Ability to set and attain goals
  • Self-love and deep respect for myself
  • Healthy processing of emotions
  • My temper and how often I get angry has been greatly reduced
  • I’m much kinder and happier
  • Ability to manifest and attract people and experiences and things much more readily (which is maybe one of the coolest things ever)
  • For the most part, ability to stick to healthy diet


Remember, it only works if you are really consistent and committed! But once you start to see the benefits, you will probably never stop 🙂

Lots of love and happy meditating,


4 thoughts on “The Importance of Morning Routines

  1. Thanks for sharing your morning routine Katie. I’m trying to figure my own morning routine out but I just slept through both alarms haha. Guess I’ll try again tomorrow!

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