What Women Should Know About Being A Feminist

Whoa, I used the big scary “F” word. Feminist.


I have a fun party trick for you:

When you’re talking with a group of people, somehow just slip the word ‘feminist’ into the conversation. Watch how uncomfortable people get. I’ll bet you the men around will laugh and make a feminist joke while 90% of the women (that’s a made up statistic) will look down and away. Now, that’s not to say this is for every group, but this has been my experience thus far.

This post is not about whether you call yourself a feminist or not, although if you’re a human with curiousity for intelligence then I hope you will read a few books about the subject. This post is actually about what the feminist movement has completely forgotten in their strive to be equal to males.

(Hi, no, feminist does not mean that you hate men. We just wanna be equal. Ok, continue)

In our strive to be equal to males, we conformed to the patriarchal standard of success.  What does that mean? Basically, it means as women we thought that the more we did – and the more aggressively and angrily we got there – the more successful and equal to men we would become.

Short version: We based our idea of success and equality as women on the standards of what success means to men.

Women gained their rights and then conformed back to patriarchal standards without even knowing it. We thought that to be equal to men, we must become like men. BOY is this where we went wrong!

In the process of opening your eyes to feminism, many women begin to denounce their femininity. I know I did. I became aggressive, a go-getter, hot-tempered, and shut off my emotions when it came to love. I thought that ‘feeling’ was a bad thing, and ‘thinking’ was a good thing.

Now listen – none of those qualities are bad. Using logic instead of feeling, being aggressive in business, and being a go-getter are all human traits that can be hugely beneficial at times. However, they are masculine traits.  (Actually feminine women can have these traits too, but the energy behind them is different. That’s a whole other topic.)

Let’s talk about Yin and Yang – Feminine and Masculine. They do not inherently mean Woman and Man, although most women feel more comfortable being more Yin and most men feel most comfortable being more Yang.  It has been estimated that around 95% of males and females will feel their best in their yin or yang depending which gender they are, according to the book Powerful and Feminine by Rachael Jayne Groover.  That being said, every human being has a mixture of both feminine and masculine energies.  However, some of our balances are out of whack.

Women are equally as powerful as men, but we are not men. The world is experiencing a serious lack of feminine energy because of our ideas of what it means to be strong, independent women.  The feminine is the energy of attraction while masculine energy is assertion .


Examples of Feminine Energy:
– Soft, Internal focus, Receptive, Water, Earth, Moon, Flow, Flexible, Intuitive, Feeling, Communicative, Enjoy the Process of getting to a goal, Collective mindset

Examples of Masculine Energy:

– Active, Hard, Hot, Fire, Sky, Sun, External focus, Father Spirit, Use Logic, Outcome oriented, crave “peak” experience, Individual mindset, Thinking, Rigid

While both are awesome sets of qualities, you can only imagine what a world based solely in masculine energy would look like right? Kind of looks like our world today.

We need both energies in this world to make it more harmonious and balanced.

Women – We are the beings that bring these unique gifts into the world.  In forgetting or deeming our incredible traits as “less powerful” or somehow less worthy than the masculine, we are doing a great disservice to society.

If you’re interested in this topic, there’s tons of books out there on femininity. Make sure you read about femininity and feminine energy and not solely feminist theory. Both are crucial 🙂

I hope this hit home for someone out there, because it was a huge wake up call for me when I heard it. If you’re interested in more about this, I would be glad to make future posts about the tips and tricks i’ve learned for integrating this information into your everyday life.

Feminine power isn’t something we go out and acquire;

it’s already within us.

It’s something we become willing to experience.

Something we admit we have.

– Marianne Williamson

Lots of love!


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