What Inspires You?

If you’re the creative type, you know how awful it can feel when you’re in a ‘creative rut.’  It’s like writers block but it flows into your everyday life, not just on paper.  For me, unfortunately, school and the environment of college in general has been one big creative block …

rumi 1

Luckily, when i’m home for the summer or even for breaks, all the creativity and desire to involve myself in projects comes flowing right back.  I LOVE getting my passion back! While it’s unrealistic to feel at your peak creativity/passion at all times, there’s a few things that i’ve noticed seem to light up that passion within me, and I vow to make more time for these things in the present and future. 🙂

I would love to hear what inspires YOU, and maybe it will inspire me also!

Here’s just a list of some of my favorite inspiration-starters…

Reading — 

Usually I like reading nonfiction, but i’ve been forcing myself to read novels this summer as well.  Seeing how someone else views the world and chooses to write about it is inspiring and makes me view things in a new light.  Not to mention reading is the ultimate savior from boredom which also stifles creativity.

The Ocean —

I know a lot of people say being in nature is inspiring, but for me it’s more terrifying -the buzzing of bees and grass blades tickling my leg and me swatting it thinking an insect is crawling around there. Not into it. Not relaxing.

BUT take me to the beach and everything changes. While i’m not lucky enough to live by the ocean, I like to visualize myself there if i’m needing a boost.  And when i’m physically at the ocean, something inside me changes. I must have been a mermaid in a past life (jk, I hate swimming..maybe more like a lazy sea lion), because whenever i’m at the ocean I feel at peace and connected to some sort of Higher Power.

YouTube —

This is a weird one because usually YouTube is kind of a time-sucker and blackhole of never-ending stupid videos. BUT! I have found so much inspiration from passionate people talking about everything from their diet to their favorite beauty products. There’s a whole community of people on there who put a lot of time and effort into their videos to be informative or fun, and something about that definitely sparks my creativity.

Down Time —

I can’t be creative if i’m constantly surrounded by other people. For me, my most creative moments are when i’m alone (usually).  This makes giving myself ‘me’ time extremely important.

Yoga —

I can’t tell you how many times i’ve been practicing yoga when I suddenly have a idea for a blog post or just something I want to do in my life. While I suppose that means i’m not being totally ‘presen’t in my yoga practice, it also means it gets my creative ideas flowing and that’s definitely a bonus in my book.

People —

There is NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING I love more than people who are passionate. Passionate about anything. If a person’s eyes light up when they talk about something, I’m captivated by them.  People who care- and care deeply- about issues in our world, making a difference, and talking about things that matter give me LIFE.

If you don’t feel inspired by the people you are around, or your friends don’t feel passionate about things you feel passionate about (which is fine), never underestimate the value of joining communities of people online! It’s invaluable to have people in your life (or online!) who get you thinking, talking, and make YOU feel inspired when you talk to them. Make friends with bloggers who write about topics you’re interested in, or even join sites like Tumblr that can lead to friendships with unexpected people.

Animals —

Spending time with aminalz is my favorite. They’re precious little lumps of love who want nothing more than to love you and have a bit of your attention. If you’ve been acting like a real asshole lately, I suggest you take your butt to a petting farm or your local humane society.  Animals never fail to make me happier and want to be kinder.

Unless they are cats.

I don’t like cats.


that’s the end of my list for today. I seriously would LOVE for you guys to chime in with what inspires you! I’m always wanting to find new ways to spark creativity and passion.

Lots of love,


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