Spirituality Won’t Make You Happy

Wow, it’s been a LOOONG time since i’ve sat down to write.  Truth be told, i’ve been so exhausted dealing with my health and relationships that sitting down to write drained me just thinking about it… In fact I admit i’ve opened up my blog more than once and started to type a sentence and then just simply shut off.

But – tonight is one of those times I feel really compelled to write, thanks to Heather Waxman 🙂

On her blog, she shared a video about sensitivity after beginning a spiritual practice. If you want to check out that video, the link is right here!

definitely knew I had to check out the video simply because she was addressing ‘sensitive people’ – and I am certainly one of those.  The video got me thinking a lot about the pressure we put on our spiritual practice (or even lack-of-practice) to make us happy.

When I first started meditating and taking up yoga, I was in a bad place. Physically, mentally, emotionally.  It was my freshman year of college and instead of going out to parties, making new friends, and succeeding in classes, I was figuring out a way to walk to my classes without passing out and – once I got there – try to concentrate even though all I could do was sleep or lie down.  Wrapping my head around the fact that I would never have a fun or eventful ‘freshman year’ of college was awful for fun-loving, playful lil’ me.

I got into spirituality first to make myself happy, and secondly to heal my mind and body from the stress of being so sick for so long.

While my body began to heal eventually and mind became open, curious, and healthy, i found something was missing.

I still wasn’t happy. Or at least my idea of ‘happiness’ and ‘spirituality’ were clouding my ability to recognize my happy moments.

You see – I thought that in order to be spiritual, I had to be happy all the time. I thought I had to erase anger and sadness and frustration and never have another bitchy moment again. If I wasn’t happy 24/7 then I must not be ‘doing spirituality’ correctly.

It was only until this year that I recognized my own view of spirituality/happiness had held me back from truly recognizing what the real purpose of meditation, praying, yoga, and eating right is.

Meditation opens your mind and heart up to what is; whether it can be seen and touched or simply felt. Yoga grounds your body in the here and now to balance your meditation practice which can be so light and freeing. Praying allows you to experience the magnitude of power in the universe and God.

None of these things in themselves make you happy all. of. the. time – so why do them, i can hear you asking?

All of these practices contribute to making life more meaningful, passionate, and rewarding.

After you start a spiritual practice, you’ll notice emotions you’ve never felt before. You’ve feel intense happiness from simple things like driving home while the sun’s setting, or sitting down to have your first cup of coffee in the morning. When you have moments of happiness, they will be unlike any happiness you’ve felt before. Euphoric, even.  And when sadness hits?  It will hurt in a different way than it has hurt before.

Because your body/mind is more ‘energetically pure’ than before, emotions are processed more deeply.

Humans are meant to feel a hundred and one different emotions throughout the day. You might feel excited in the morning, anxious by lunchtime, sad and frustrated by late afternoon, and happy by bedtime. No matter HOW spiritual you are (unless you are some enlightened master, in which case, disregard this entire post), you’re going to deal with lots of different emotions on a day to day, hour to hour basis.  Embrace them all.

No emotion is better than another. View all emotions as being equally as important. 

I hope this will help you to realize – spiritual practice or not – that the main goal in life is not to be happy at every moment of every day.  We would never learn and grow that way! Plus, we wouldn’t appreciate genuine happiness.  Instead, start to embrace the ability for your yoga and meditation practice to crack you open to learn and grow as much as you possibly can. When the emotions come.. feel them, process them, and then ride the waves as a new emotion comes through.

It’ll be worth it 😀

Lots of love,

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