Photo Food Journal: A 100% Plant-Based Day of Eating

Between waking up late and tripping over myself to get to class on time, to dragging myself home after hours of studying, it’s pretty rare that I get a chance to juice or cook awesome meals anymore.  {Note: I am making excuses for myself. It would totally be possible to keep this up if I made it a priority.. which i’m trying 🙂 }

BUT on this wonderful month-long vacation of break from school, i’ve had time to get back into the kitchen.  I decided yesterday to take a picture of everything I ate and share it with all y’all to hopefully inspire you to play with your food, too.  If you’re looking to start eating better, check out Kris Carr’s 3 day plan which you can access on her website.  That is where you will find all the recipes for the deliciousness below.


Breakfast was this delicious avocado on Ezekiel bread with Kris Carr’s “Morning Glorious” juice. SO good & filling. Ps – also had coffee because i’m not superhuman yet. 😉


Lunch was “Save the Tuna Salad” with flax & whole grain crackers.  This was incredible. The base is made out of soaked almonds & sunflower seeds instead of fishies.


Snack was a second serving of Morning Glorious green juice.

dinner2 dinner1

Dinner was vegan chili made with tempeh, beans, and veggies topped with kale, avocado, and blue corn chips. It was probably the best chili i’ve had … maybe ever. And the easy side salad was made with pine nuts, olive oil, and butter lettuce. Btw, if you haven’t tried butter lettuce… it’s golden.

{Not pictured} was the 85% dark chocolate by Lindt i’ve been loving. If you aren’t used to the bitter taste of super dark chocolate it might take some getting used to, but it is so rich and just tastes better than most other dark chocolates i’ve tried. I also really like the brand Endangered Species, and 10% of the profits go towards supporting conservation efforts.

Lots of love & greens,

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