Crazy Sexy Cancer: Can You Thrive & Have Fun In The Face of Dis-ease?


In the incredible documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer by Kris Carr, Carr recalls her late nights as a model and actress in New York… floating from audition to audition, partying with cocktails and cigarettes and eating only Power Bars for meals.  All of this changed for Kris when she received her diagnosis of an incurable, Stage 4 cancer that infiltrated her vascular system on February 14th, 2003.  “Happy Valentines Day, you have cancer,” she remarks in her documentary.

kris carr

I remember my days of no sleep, overworking myself to exhaustion, thinking negatively, and eating as little as possible to maintain what I considered my ‘ideal weight.’  All of this changed when I found myself experiencing the debilitating fatigue and flu symptoms I previously explained in my other blog posts.  When this was first going on, I looked (and still do look) to Kris Carr for inspiration and motivation.

I love how Kris managed to take her scary diagnosis and turn it into a project, which she named “Save My Ass Technologies Inc.” 😛 She read enough books to fill a library about how to heal naturally, and began to experiment on herself using these methods.  Carr tried macrobiotics, juice fasts, veganism, etc. until she was able to take bits and pieces of each and make her own super personalized diet. She experimented with all kinds of healing methods such as meditation, dance therapy, wheatgrass enemas (YIKES), gentle healing massage, Chinese herbs, Chakra cleansing, anger therapy, visualization exercises, and even more.  With these she was able to again take bits and pieces and begin to have fun with her healing journey.

Any time i’m seemingly ‘stuck’ in a routine that isn’t benefitting my health anymore, I come back to Kris Carr. Every. Single. Time.

Her books have been the major catalyst behind the change in my diet, just as Gabrielle Bernstein has been the biggest inspiration in connecting with spirituality.

I love that Kris isn’t afraid to swear a little (or a lot), laugh at herself, and poke fun at at some of the nutty, stiff, regimented health practices out there.  She makes the journey of healing so accessible to everyone, and so inviting.  Kris constantly reminds me to find the fun in healing, and to reinvent whatever aspect isn’t working.  She inspires me to try something new, even if it seems a little wacky.  Everything is there to teach you something.

Every time around Christmas, I find myself coming back to this documentary.  Year after year after year.  It’s become a little bit of a tradition with myself.  It feels like coming home, to the first woman who inspired the heck out of me when I first realized my own health journey was going to be a crazy one.

Kris Carr, you’re incredible and hope one day to meet you.  Thank you for all you’ve done in the health community – for making health experimental, accessible, and doing it all with your hilarious sassy humor.

I hope if you’re seeking some renovation in your own health, you will check out this amazing documentary.  I promise there’s something in it for each and every one of you. 🙂


Lots of love,

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