10 Reasons To Be Happy This Holiday Season

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is this week and Christmas is right around the corner!  This is the most wonderful, happy time of the year .. but it can be stressful, too.  Here are some of the things i’ve been really enjoying about this season. 😀

1. Holiday Candles

There is NOTHING I love more than a spicy, warm smelling candle.  Lately i’ve been enjoying the “Celebrate Christmas” and “Pumpkin Pie” candles from Yankee Candle.

And every other smell from their holiday collection…:)  Funny how just a scent can bring so many memories and feelings.

christmas kandle

2. “The Classics” – Christmas Music

The Frank Sinatra Christmas Collection and “Christmas With The Rat Pack” have become my favorite holiday CD’s.  This music reminds me so much of my Pappou and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

rat pack

3. Decorating Your Space, DIY.

If you’re like me (and most people), you like feeling cozy inside while it’s snowy and cold out.  My favorite way to make my room or home cozy and cute is to decorate it for the holidays!

Before you go out and buy a bunch of pre-made decorations, consider making some of your own!  Pintrest has many ideas as well as Youtube. 🙂 Just search: DIY Christmas.

It’s my personal ‘holiday goal’ to take the time to make a few really cute DIY crafts maybe while watching a Christmas movie and drinking hot chocolate.  This is such an easy way to get in the spirit of Christmas!

peace on earth

4. Get Into The Kitchen & Out of Your Head

Cooking and baking are a huge part of the holidays for many families.  Even if you don’t usually enjoy these tasks, the holidays might allow you to bring new fun and creativity to the kitchen.  There’s something beautiful about creating food gifts or making a meal for people you love.  If you’re interested, there’s a whole spiritual outlook on cooking you can look into.  It gives ‘cooking with love’ a whole new meaning 🙂

5. Food As A Gift

Not every gift has to be something incredibly expensive!  In fact, I LOVE getting food as a gift.  I mean – I also am obsessed with chocolate, but whatever. That’s not the point.  Who doesn’t love food?

peppermint cocoa PRetz.

Christmas Pretz.


If these don’t look good to you, I can’t help you. There’s no hope.

And how cute is the reindeer mason jar? Makes me so happy. 🙂

6. Smell the Snow

This is a weird one, but hear me out: SNOW SMELLS…GOOD.

Go out on a winter walk one of the days before Christmas and take in the fresh air.  It’s pretty magical.


7. Visit The Cities.

Some of my favorite holiday memories are from my visits to Chicago and NYC during the holidays.  It doesn’t even have to be that big of a city… for example, Rochester puts Christmas lights all over the downtown buildings.

It’s impossible not to feel the Christmas cheer when the streets, stores, and buildings are decorated for the holidays.


8. Be Present.

Often we rush through the season, just wishing for the next big thing to happen.  However, this season my main goal is to just be present with all the people I am with and the activities that i’m doing.  Not thinking about the next thing to come or next thing I have to do, but being fully present in each moment.

9. Practice Gratitude.

The holiday trio of Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Years provides us the best energy for practicing gratitude.  Since we’re already usually in the ‘holiday spirit’ and feeling happy, it’s easier to think of all the things we’re grateful for.

Try amping up your gratitude practice during this time of year.  For example, you can use a journal and write out why you’re grateful for the things you have and people in your life, or you can practice “counting your blessings” instead of counting sheep at night.

10. Watch Elf.

Just because it’s the most heartwarming wonderful Christmas movie ever.

smilingbye buddy

Lots of love,


4 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Be Happy This Holiday Season

  1. Thank you Katie for making me smile. Your the best. We will spend quality time together. Baklava is ready for baking and tyropitas just need to be cooked. Let the family moments begin. Hugs from tom and petie

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Hi Katie…. A very blissful Christmas blog, to be sure… Delightful to read! I love Christmas lights in cities and dotting the snow- covered little burgs between the rolling hills… And love family time together, laughter, and love Frank Sinatra Christmas albums, and Willie Nelson’s ” Pretty Paper”…. And love frosting Anise Cookies and putting smiley- faces on all of ’em, including theChristmas tree cookies 🙂 … Anise cookies are my Mom all over again, your Grandma Griffin 🙂 Many happy memories, always..
    Love, Aunt Moe

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