Little Known Beauty Tricks That Make A HUGE Difference

Since it’s almost the weekend, I decided to do a fun and light post for you girls who read my blog.

If you know me in real life, you know how obsessed I am with makeup. I’ve always loved getting ready for events and parties, but even more so when I started discovering YouTube makeup artists  who were just incredible and inspiring. 

I know what you’re thinking – makeup is so ~*superficial*~.  Yes, that could be true if you think you are ugly without makeup. However, I think of makeup as a way to express myself much like my clothes.  Plus, aren’t we all more confident when we look good and put time into our appearance? I thought so.

Over the years these less-talked-about tips have really made a difference – whether you want to look natural and glowy or bold and edgy.  

1. Invest in a Good Foundation.
Think of foundation as the blank canvas you will be painting on later. You want it to be smooth and flawless. In my opinion, foundation is something worth splurging a little for.  My favorites right now are the Matte Velvet Foundation by Makeup Forever, the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation.  These two foundations (even if mixed together) create the perfect base.

When it looks like your skin is perfect, everything else looks better. It enhances your eyes, your mouth, and makes you glow.

Pssst – try the “Porefessional Primer” by Benefit if you have big pores or oily skin so that the foundation will lay flat and stick to your skin.  Also try exfoliating before you put your foundation on 🙂


2. Up Your Eyebrow Game.
Eyebrows frame your face and are super important for looking pulled together.  It’s the step that no one really notices, one of those “something looks different but I can’t tell what…” things. It makes your entire face look more sculpted when you take the time to shape them and fill them in. 

I recommend using a matte eyeshadow and brow brush or the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencils.

before and


3. Brushes Are A Must For Professional Looking Makeup.
If you want your makeup to look like those airbrushed models, you’re gonna need some brushes.  Luckily, they don’t have to be expensive. EcoTools, Sigma (my personal favorite), and Real Techniques are brands that carry inexpensive and high quality brushes. 

I personally think every girl needs a foundation brush (flattop kabuki), a concealer brush, contour/highlight tools, various eyeshadow blending brushes, and a big fluffy brush for blending powder.

Your makeup game changes 10 levels when brushes are involved 😛


4. Learn To Layer Mascara.
Hate clumpy lashes? Same. One of the things you can do to get false looking lashes without clumps is to learn to layer your mascara.  What that means is that you use two different mascara formulas – say, one for lengthening and one for volume – and layer them to create really full, fake looking lashes.  If you are patient and find your perfect combo, you’ll notice a HUGE difference in the way your lashes look.

Right now i’m loving Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ Mascara and L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara.

better than sex

Shown wearing two coats of Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ Mascara.


5. Contouring/Highlighting Is The Easiest Way To Get Awesome Bone Structure.
Almost none of us are born with those awesome cheekbones and jaw lines that you see in magazines.  Luckily for us, contouring is the easiest and fastest way to make it look like you have a thinner, more structured face. If you haven’t heard of this makeup technique, look up an image on it to teach you which areas you should be highlighting and which you should be contouring.

I like to use a darker foundation for contour and a prep+prime highlight stick (MAC) to highlight.



6. Invest In A Nice Eyeshadow Palette.
Why is it important to have at least one nice eyeshadow palette? Yes, it’s a luxury, but it’s something you will use every day and be so grateful for.

Drugstore makeup and Designer makeup is much different in formula. Drugstore eyeshadow tends to be chalky and wears off within an hour.  Also, the color payoff is usually minimal. With drugstore sparkly shades, you can expect sparkle fallout all over your face which you’ll be trying to scrape off for days.

“Designer” makeup is the stuff you’ll find at department stores and Sephora.  Yes, it’s much more expensive but there’s a reason for it.  The colors of the eyeshadow will be very pigmented, rich, and creamy.  They won’t crease up or flake off in an hour.  The eyeshadows will blend much more easily than drugstore and won’t look chalky.. instead they will look more ‘airbrushed’ on.  

My favorite palettes are made by Too Faced and Urban Decay.  Too Faced has a variety of palettes that come with enough shades to create a daytime, nighttime, and fun look all in one. The color payoff is great and they complement most skin tones.  Urban Decay creates the famous Naked Palettes (1-3) and I prefer the 1st and 2nd ones if you’re someone who is looking for more neutral tones that can create day to night looks.



7. Setting Spray.
If you’re putting all this work into your makeup, you definitely don’t want it sliding around or coming off within a few hours.  I love the Urban Decay setting sprays because they keep your skin looking hydrated, fresh, and most importantly keeps all your makeup in place.  


Hope some of these are things you can learn from and try out this weekend 🙂 Don’t be afraid to try something new!

Lots of love,

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