When You Don’t Know The Answers.

Writer’s block.

Lately I haven’t been inspired to write because one thing I always want to portray in my writing is honesty.  For some reason it felt wrong to write about sadness and hardships and not knowing the answers when my blog name includes “blissful” in the title.

Unfortunate Truth: No amount of meditation, reading, yoga class, or green juice can prepare you for some of the hard times that life will give you.  Luckily, they help a bunch. But they don’t numb you (thank God.)

I think senior year of college is a big turning point for many people.  It suddenly hits you in the face that you need to start taking life a little more seriously.  Maybe you should have been studying for exams instead of celebrating the weekend for the fifth night in a row.  Maybe you should have changed your major.  Maybe you should have given the nice guy a chance so you weren’t doomed to a future full of cats.  Or that in 5 years you could be established with a career and a baby.  Oh i don’t know, the list goes on and on.

The truth of life is that not knowing the answers is scary. Really scary. Intimidating. It’s enough to stop you in your tracks and leave you up until 4am thinking, thinking, thinking. 

Sometimes writing a blog about spirituality I feel like I need to provide the right answers to life’s questions.  Honestly though, i’m only 21. I don’t have the answers. I’m just getting glimpses into the beauty of life, but also the hardships that come with it. 

In honor of that realization, today this post has no point. No moral of the story and no take away lesson. If anything, I want you to know i’m here right with you. Floundering around and trying to find the right path to go down.  Not every day or every phase of life is filled with bountiful inspiration and peace and happiness.  Some phases of life are colored with frustration, anger, and questions.  Without these, we wouldn’t truly be living.  

When i’m feeling contemplative, stressed, and down I always turn to God. It doesn’t matter who your God is – and it doesn’t matter if that’s not the name you call Him or Her by.  God could be the nice man at the coffee shop or your therapist.  God could be the salty sea air that flows through your hair at the beach.  God could be sprinkled in laughter or tears or heartache.  God could be present in music, at the gym, or in the silence.  Or God could be in all these things – in the trees, in the animals, in the very breath that fills your lungs.  

Wherever you go to find peace when life is anything but, I wish you nothing but for peace and happiness to fill your heart so that you can continue on in life knowing that no matter how the details turn out, the overall picture is beautiful. You are taken care of. 🙂








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