Sedona: The Most Magical Place on Earth

On our road trip out to California, we planned to stop in the desert resort town of Sedona, AZ.  To be honest, I had never heard anything about it before.  I figured the only thing to see in Arizona was the Grand Canyon, but I was totally wrong.

Our trip started out with a lot of curiosity and wonder on my part.  It is rumored that Sedona has healing and energetic properties called ‘vortexes’ which makes this one of the most spiritually enlightening places on Earth.  You can only imagine my excitement 🙂

The first few days were a little funky.  I felt upset and extremely angry and wasn’t really sure why.  I mean, yeah, i’m always a little feisty but this was different. Unshakeable.  Turns out Sedona acts as an amplifier for what you bring to it… and I brought some bad feelings along on my trip so Sedona’s energy (thankfully) blasted my anger as loud as it could until I would deal with it.

The beauty of Sedona was not lost upon me, though.  The rocks are stained a beautiful reddish orange with layers upon layers of sandstone, limestone, and the wear and tear of the elements.  These rocks are the reminder of where the ocean used to be and the mark it has left on this Earth.

When my mom told me we were going on the Vortex tour, I was really excited.  Nothing excites me more than playing with life energy and meditating and manifesting.  This seemed like the perfect place to do it!

Before venturing to Bell Rock, the vortex most well known for its bell shape and masculine (grounding) energy, I decided to meditate on what I wanted from this experience.  Gotta say, something must really be in the Sedona air because it was one of the most vivid and clear-intentioned meditations i’ve ever had in my 3-4 year history of practicing.

We were greeted at the hotel by a smiling, contagiously happy tour guide named Patricia. Her energy was tangible and pure, and we all started to feel “the vibes.” 

When we ventured to Bell Rock, the air seemed to change. It wasn’t as if there was this magical feeling or anything (although it does look pretty magical), but instead a calm and earthy feel.  We climbed and finally reached the spot that felt right for us overlooking all the red rocks.  We did a meditation about what we wanted to let go of and what our intention was for what we want to bring more of into our lives.

Not shockingly as I said before, my intention was to release anger and old resentments, if only for right now (as Patricia so wonderfully reminded me.)  In that moment, it was all gone. 

Our guide said that when the wind blows, it’s the Universe’s way of saying “Yes.”  It’s funny she said that because i’ve always thought of wind as my answer, or a sign from the Universe.  When the wind hits, it’s so calming to me. Always has been, but especially up here on this beautiful rock.

We ventured around until I found an area that really felt good to me.  As I sat down, there was a buzzing in my hair.  Having been told that there are ‘no bees’ in Sedona, or extremely rare to see, I figured it was a bug.  


Here this bumble bee (if you know me, you know I am absolutely terrified of bees) found me up on this rock.  The tour guide was pretty shocked by the bee’s insistence to be near only me and my mom.  Weirdly enough, my mom and I had the same intention of letting go of anger and old resentments.  So then what was the bee trying to say?

Here’s what mr. bumblebee symbolizes spiritually:


The lesson of the bumble bee is to become focused. Whether to awaken us into the moment, or to teach us to become fully engaged in our creative endeavors, the key is to focus with intention and be single-minded in purpose. The bee also shows us that all life is interdependent.

However, the bee overwhelmingly represents a feminine energy, something I kept saying out loud and in my head that I needed desperately.  An imbalance of too much masculine energy and not enough feminine energy creates a lot of anger, irritation, self-doubt, etc.  So I asked for feminine energy.  The bee’s main symbolism?  Feminine and Goddess energy 🙂

I believe Mr. Bee was sent to tell me and my mom two different messages. However, it was clear: Ask and you will receive.


Overall, Sedona is a pretty magical place filled with major synchronicities.  I do believe this whole place acts as an amplifier for what you put into it with your thoughts, words, and actions.  For some reason, this beautiful place seems to have the power to help you communicate with your Higher Power, and it’s been a truly wonderful experience i’ll never forget 🙂


Lots of love,



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