“The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably deal with.” ~Tony Robbins

Life is often compared to a roller coaster; ups, downs, twists and turns. All unpredictable. It can leave you dizzy, exhilarated, or puking in a garbage can.

I like to compare life to the ocean.  Mostly constant, there is an ebb and flow of the tide. Violent waves crash and melt into calm, lapping water at the shore.  Think about when something disrupts the water, for example throwing a rock into a body of water. The entirety of the ocean is not disturbed by this rock, and without fail the ocean returns back to its natural rhythm.  Rising, falling, calm.

Just like with the ocean, we’re not sure when the tidal waves and rough seas are going to come.

Death. Failure. Success. Debt. Heartbreak. Even immense joy and excitement can cause tidal waves that rock our core.

We can either let these things be unpredictable, scary, and white-knuckle inducing like on a roller coaster, or we can lay back, float, and let the waves rock us back and forth until we come back to calm seas.


As with all things, this is much easier said than done.
Just tonight I was scrolling through Tiny Buddha and noticed an article on uncertainty.  I thought to myself that with all the meditating and yoga that I do, I must be pretty good at dealing with uncertainty.  I decided to take a look at myself and realized I have left nearly no room for chance, but instead have manipulated, controlled, and dealt with uncertainty by overanalyzing and planning over it.

I noticed that in romantic relationships, the first glimpse of uncertainty I get, I go crazy.  If i’m not 100% positive how he is feeling about me, how i’m feeling about him, or where this is going it can send me into the dreaded “Crazy B*tch Mode.”  I think every girl (and many men) know what I mean when you then start to justify, overanalyze, plan, and control things simply in an effort to reduce uncertainty.  Uncertainty drives us crazy.

By this point, you’ve most likely made problems that didn’t exist before all because of your desire to cover up the fear of uncertainty.

I, Katie, promise to accept uncertainty into my life and learn to be okay with it.

Romance isn’t the only area that needs work.

Let’s talk about school. Uncertainty is what drives us absolutely off-the-walls with stress.  Think about it: You spend nights up until 3 am focusing on the fact that you aren’t sure whether or not you’re going to get the internship you applied for, whether your GPA is high enough for your dream school, or whether you failed that exam.

Worrying won’t give you answers to any of these questions. However, our lil’ human brains have decided that if there isn’t an answer, we will stay up all night to find one. And when we still can’t find one, anxiety will drive us nuts until we know.

All of this could be avoided had we done our best and left the rest to fate.

I, Katie, promise to accept uncertainty into my life and learn to be okay with it.

There are millions of other examples I could give, but you’re all smart cats and i’m sure you’ve caught the gist of what i’m saying by now.

Put simply, the future scares us. Questions like,  “Will I have enough money? Will I like my job? Will I get married? Will I ever get to travel the world? What if I get sick?”

What if… What if… What if…


I never realized how afraid I was of uncertainty until I actually thought about it. I realized how much effort and anxiety I have caused myself just by trying to find answers to questions that actually have no answer. Only time can answer most questions, and that’s where the yoga and meditation tradition of “Let Go and Let Be” comes into play. Being present with every moment, with the ebbs and flows of life, and accepting it wholeheartedly.

Just like me, i’m sure you haven’t given much thought to uncertainty and how it’s been running the show in your life. If you’re interested I hope you’ll join me in exploring how we can feel empowered with uncertainty and chill out while waiting for our answers to life’s questions.

Now lay back, relax, and let the waves carry and flow with you during your journey of life.


Lots of love,


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