10 Things I Learned While Being Twenty

With my 21st birthday coming right around the corner, i’ve been thinking a lot about the year and the events that occurred during it. I grew a LOT during my 20th year on this beautiful earth, and i’ve decided to share.

1. Bob Marley Was Right.



I don’t look at Bob Marley as the ‘greatest stoner of all time’ as some people do, but instead I think he had a lot of really cool ideas about the world.  This quote really applied to this year – every person you invite into your life will most likely hurt you, but that’s human nature. It doesn’t mean they are a bad person, it means they are alive and learning. This was a year of learning how to communicate my feelings and forgive those who hurt me and accept them into my life with all my heart.

2. I Discovered My Spirit Animal.
This glorious burst of rainbow glittery divaliciousness is a unicorn, but you already knew that.  I like to think of myself as a unicorn because they’re just fabulous, unique, and they have a beautiful horn in case someone is being extra annoying 😉 Yes, I know they’re not real but that’s what makes them even better. They are MYSTICAL!

3. Enjoy Learning.

I had some teachers this year that really sparked my love for learning again.  It’s not common to find a professor who knows how to talk to a 100-500 person lecture hall, but I found a lot of inspiration in class this year.  On top of that, I also decided to look at school work as an opportunity to learn instead of a grade.  This helped me to not be insanely miserable during semesters full of hard classes.

In addition to that, I read almost every single day so I can keep learning about things that I love such as psychology, health, and the world.

4. Bring Fun To Everything You Do.

If nothing else, I learned that life is meant for living – and that means that you have the opportunity to make even the most mundane things feel fun. It’s all about the attitude and playfulness you bring to life.  What’s the fun in being too serious and uptight?

5. You Don’t Have To Be Everyone’s Cup of Tea.

I used to want to please everyone and be everything to every person.  I wanted to be the most perfect version of myself and mold myself to fit people’s expectations. Not this year! I let myself just be who I am and if you like me, sweet, if you don’t, that’s alright. I learned to not take it so personally if i’m not everyone’s flava-flave.

6. Real Friends Will Get You Through Life.

Aside from family of course, friends are the ones who will get you through the hardest times of your life and also make the good times even better.  It became really apparent to me this year, and especially in the past few weeks, that I have some incredible friendships. I mean really – you know it’s a good friend when you can feel 100% free from judgment.

For this reason I surround myself with the strangest, most interesting & fun people I can find. 😛

7. Make Yourself Happy First.

This year wasn’t filled with romance, and for that reason it was the best year for making myself happy.  A lot of times when people are in relationships, they stop trying to do things that make them happy and instead turn all their attention over to their significant other and become dependent on them for happiness.

This year I made myself happy no matter what it was.  With a few weeks left until I turn 21, I finally decided to make myself happy and do what i’ve wanted to do for quite a few years and pierce my nose, even though I knew it wouldn’t please everyone (hi family:). During my 20th year, I lived by my own standards even if it wasn’t according to what society tells us will make us successful, attractive, or acceptable. Do YOU and things will flow naturally (as long as what makes you happy is safe and not illegal 😛 )

8. I Discovered My Fitness Inspiration:

Iggy Azalea, i’m talking to you.

Gurl you are fabulous.iggy

9. Sometimes relaxing about your diet is the healthiest thing for your mental sanity.

I think I realized that while it’s good to eat well most of the time, college is not the perfect time to have a totally clean diet.
And that’s okay.

Without Thursday Peppinos pizza + ranch, I wouldn’t be as happy. That’s a fact.


10. Women are as powerful as they make their minds up to be.

Something really important I realized during my 20th year is that women are incredibly powerful if they choose to be.  The combination of femininity, intelligence, gentleness, and assertiveness can make us some of the most influential people on the planet.

Decide to be powerful and you are. Decide to OWN being a woman 😀



Lots of love,






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