Throwing It Away: Ditching the Bad, Inviting the Good

When you release the negativity of a toxic relationship, cluttered mess, or negative friendship .. you invite the beauty of loving relationships, exciting opportunities, and new things into your life.

Why do I believe this?

Because i’ve seen it happen in my own life.

In fact, one of my mentors Tara Bliss says in one of her courses that she noticed a pattern in her own life; When she cleared out the things of no value from her house, within the next few days something really exciting would happen. A new person or a really cool job opportunity would come up. 

When we free ourselves of the things weighing us down, we raise our energy. When you raise your energy, you’re telling the Universe you’re ready for more awesomeness in your life.  By letting go, you invite in the awesomeness that your life has in store for you.


I’m challenging myself AND i’m challenging you to look around your room today.  Pick up some things in your room and ask yourself, “Does this mean anything to me? How do I feel when I look at it?” If it doesn’t raise your vibe, it’s gotta go.

You can do this with relationships too.  If your real life toxic relationships are too much to let go of right now, then start with twitter and facebook. Go through your friend list and ask yourself who makes you feel good and who do you find yourself constantly getting annoyed with? Delete them.  Remember, when you get rid of things weighing you down, you have so much more room for all the beautiful things to come pouring in.


This is the perfect time to try a “Cutting The Cord” meditation. 

Simply close your eyes and start to focus on the sensations in your body (your heart beat, your breath, the vibrations of being alive – also called ‘prana’).  Imagine someone or something that you desire to let go of.  Imagine a cord connecting both of you.  Say what you need to say to that person or thing… whatever comes to mind.  Then state that you wish to let go of them and disconnect the cord.

And cut the cord mentally.

A few times after doing this, you might see some pretty miraculous things happen 🙂  You can YouTube it, find Gabrielle Bernstein’s meditations on it, or just practice on your own.


Happy Spring Cleaning!





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