My Review of “The Secret”

After hearing so much about “The Secret,” I was really compelled to watch the documentary about it (free on Netflix if you have it.) Going into it, I was expecting to love it because you know i’m all about the new agey woo-woo stuff.  However, I ended up finding it really superficial and manipulative of the way the Universe works.

Hear me out.


For almost the entire 90 minute documentary, the testimonials talk about how they worked with the Laws of Attraction to achieve a really nice car, millions of dollars, or their soulmate.  Now, I’m not really sure about all this Law of Attraction stuff.

For example, if the Universe responds to your thoughts and feelings, then why do good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people?  It would seem like, according to “The Secret,” that everything that happens in your life is your fault because you thought about it.  Forgive me if i’m wrong, but I think the Universe is a lot smarter than to think we want a family member or friend to get in a car crash just because we have worried about it before.

That gets me to my next point… they encourage only thinking positively and expelling any and all negative thoughts.  From a psychological perspective, that’s just denial. Suppressing feelings actually brings about illness and stress within the body.  In my own opinion, I would rather voice a negative opinion or concern than to bottle it up inside to fester there for all eternity.

And if this method of manipulating the Universe actually works, then how healthy is it for us to be focusing always on what we want, rather than what we have?  For about five minutes they talked about gratitude, but that was it.  They also said how gratitude will bring about more things to be grateful for.  And that’s what really annoyed me: why do we always need more? Can’t we have “The Secret” to being happy right now, in this very moment?

Overall, I thought “The Secret” was appealing way too much to the ‘give me more’ attitude we have today.  I do believe that we have control over shifting our thought patterns to be more positive, but I do not believe that having a few worrisome thoughts a day is unhealthy and ‘begging for more’ bad things to happen.  If you are positive and you are a good person 90% of the time, I think the Universe will deliver you lots of packages of wonderfulness if you ask (and even if you don’t.)

Don’t get me wrong – I am not bashing The Law of Attraction itself, i’m only disagreeing with the superficial way that “The Secret” portrayed it.  I’ve read a lot about it in Wayne Dyer’s books and i’ve actually used it in my own life.  For example, not to brag but to show that this stuff is pretty cray-cray… About two years ago I was feeling really lost and unsure as to what I could do with my interest in holistic nutrition and yoga.  I prayed and prayed for an answer to my problem, and within 2 hours I opened my email to find a letter from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Whatever you want to call it – dumb luck or manifestation, I believe I called that into being because I asked and received.

So try it out. Ask the Universe or God and see what happens. Believe it with all your being that an answer is on its way. Don’t lose hope or faith in your dream if you really, really want it.  Believe it has already happened and envision the end result.

But, don’t forget to realize how beautiful your life already is all around you.

Lots of love & attracting,

So try it on yourself

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