The Raw, Unfiltered Truth

Tonight I was reading through my facebook and noticed that Rachel Brathen posted about how she is a worldwide yoga teacher, meditator, and spirit-junkie but she still swears, drinks, and has bad days.  She is such an inspiration to me because she is so REAL. It got me thinking about how much I struggle sometimes with trying to live up to the expectation others have for me simply because I write a wellness blog, do yoga, meditate daily, and drink green juice.  We aren’t superheros, we are just regular people making our way through life while trying to bring as much light and love into it as possible 🙂

I know spirituality is a serious topic, but i’m not a super serious person. Most of the time I am speaking in different cartoon voices, imitating people and impersonating my dog.  I can go from acting like a five year old, to discussing and debating existentialism with a stranger. It simply depends on my mood and the circumstances. I’m content with either.

I am not immune to the ills of human nature: I judge people as we all do, I say things and do things that hurt people’s feelings, and I make mistakes. I am human. I’m learning.

I don’t eat perfectly. I don’t have a ‘perfect body’ (although it is perfect for me, because it functions and works.)

Sometimes I have a green juice and quinoa with veggies for breakfast, and sometimes I order a stack of chocolate chip pancakes… with toast, AND hashbrowns. (carb city, y’all.)

Sometimes I like to stay in and snuggle up with a stack of books and a good documentary, while other nights I like to party and dance to Miley Cyrus like it’s my job.  Sometimes i’m up til’ 4 am talking, laughing, and living the college life with my friends.. while other times i’m up til’ 4 am writing, meditating, and praying.

Although i’m a certified holistic health coach, I still treat myself. I struggle with finding the balance between how I eat when I am home, and how I eat when i’m away at school (they are polar opposites).  I struggle to bring my whole food, plant-heavy diet to a college-town full of $3 pitchers and Thursday $2 pizzas. Once again, i’m human. I am learning.

I love “play time” more than any 20-something should.  I like to think I bring a lot of fun to the things I do, even if they are mundane and seemingly boring. I’m a self-proclaimed “free spirit” meaning I will probably say, do, and think some things that seem a little bizarre or weird to you.

I swear. Kind of a lot. And inappropriate jokes? They’re my favorite kind.

I rap Biggie in my car and the next moment I’m bopping along to some classic Beatles song. I’m not all this, or all that, i’m everything in between.

I care a lot about the human race. I don’t care about petty things like the car you drive or how much money you make, although I recognize cars and money are cool if you happen to have it. I have a different perspective on life than most people my age, and I think that’s what can be lonely and liberating at the same time.

I could sit and listen to someone talk about their dreams, aspirations, and biggest fears for hours on end, but I can barely stand to listen to five minutes of gossip. Sometimes my brain just stops thinking about what you’re saying and I go into la la land, which is where i’d rather be. Deep conversation is what interests me most.

I love spending hours on hair and makeup, and I would rather spend my time on a hotel balcony overlooking a beautiful nature view than be camping in it. I love to look at nature, but I hate bugs and dirt.

It took me awhile to be okay with the fact that I am not 100% calm, peaceful, and quiet at all times. It took me awhile to realize that it’s okay for me to be human – to mess up, to say something I shouldn’t have, and to learn.  Now that i’ve made peace with the fact that I am ME, and all these cool parts that make up my personality, it’s very liberating.

People always have an expectation or preconceived notion of the ‘right way’ to be a yogi, a spiritual teacher, or even a good person. But as always, I am a little rebellious and I have my own style of teaching the message of yoga, spirituality, and wellness. There’s no black and white thinking in the way I play through life. As long as I am having fun and feeling passionate, my mission is complete. If I can make you laugh or lighten up a bit, that’s even better. 🙂

Lots of love & truth,

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