Getting Back To My Roots – Literally.


Spring is here!

The season of new life, allergies, and storms so bad they warrant staying in your bed all day long.

I used to hate the spring because of allergies so bad they caused beautiful dark bags under my eyes and sinus headaches.  While those still exist, I am starting to really appreciate the spring for something beautiful that it brings: new life and new energy.

In the winter, my energy and inspiration felt really drained. Let’s be real: I wasn’t taking care of myself. Late nights out, late nights studying (read: cramming) for exams, and enough chicken finger pitas and fries (and ranch!) to feed the city.  Energy? Low. Spirits? Low. Inspiration? Lower than low.

When spring came in and brought new life to the flowers, veggies, fruits, and baby animals, I also felt like I was given a fresh start. A  renewed spirit of life you could say.  This change in energy and spirit inspired me to get back to the basics of what inspired me to start this blog in the first place:

Yoga, meditation, and plant-based food. 

When I discovered yoga and meditation, my life changed. My personality changed.

When I discovered the healing power of eating more ‘rabbit food,’ my inspiration soared, I felt connected to spirit, and I experienced this pretty incredible ‘awakening.’


While away at college, I let some of these slip away from me. That’s natural, and a part of life. It’s part of my unique journey. However, with the renewal of spring spirit, my intuition pushed me to get back to my roots and reconnect with what inspired me to share my life on this blog in the first place.


So, what does this mean?

This means i’m diving right back in to where I began.

For the past few months, i’ve been missing my plant-based lifestyle. Plant-based simply means refraining from eating meat, dairy, and animal by-products as much as possible. Why would I miss not eating those things?

Well, I can distinctly remember a day I was walking around outside shopping and everything seemed so bright and beautiful. It was only a few weeks after I decided to take on a plant-based diet, and I was loving it.  I imagine it was what euphoria feels like. I felt alive, everything around me was vibrant and glowing, and I felt connected.  Not only connected my spirit, but to nature and the people around me as well.  I felt a new sense of love for the living creatures around me and started a love affair with nature that I hadn’t had before.

When you refrain from eating another life (aka hamburgers aka dead cows), you begin to feel your own life more fully.  That’s not to say you can never eat a hamburger again, but simply to say it’s worth a try to cut down and see what miraculous changes happen in your body.


And so on this beautiful, rainy Tuesday morning, I’m getting back to the origin and the inspiration that started The Blissful Blog. I’m embarking on my plant-based lifestyle once again and throwing myself into the peaceful comfort of yoga and meditation.



Flipping through my old vegan cookbooks brings back some of the best memories I have. It’s SO much fun when you first take on a plant-based lifestyle, because everything is new.  New foods, new methods of cooking, new-found love of creating in the kitchen. Call me a nerd, but I love it.


Of course George is always here to keep me company and keep me smiling while I research and write. 🙂

Also, he’s a model.




Pictures from my favorite vegan cookbook/book “The Kind Diet” by Alicia Silverstone.

Those vegan ‘Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups’ are my favorite dessert in the vegan AND nonvegan dessert world. They’re incredible.



I hope you’re all enjoying the new energy of spring, and that it inspires you to make some changes you’ve been putting off 🙂

Tons of love & hugs,

{Instagram: @Kay_Grifff}

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