Your Bohemian Haven: Creating a Space of Peace + Serenity

Define haven: a place of safety or refuge.

Whether we like it or not, our environment shapes who we are: our energy, our outlook, our habits and behavior.  Luckily, we usually are fortunate enough to have control over one space that we can make our own.  For most, this is our bedroom.  Even a little corner of a room can become your own haven.

I think it’s necessary that everyone have a place to go that reflects their values, beliefs, and brings them home.  I don’t mean the physical place of home, but the emotional state of being home.

It became more and more apparent to me that my bedroom needed to be a safe haven for me to go to when the world is too much.  A place to recharge. A place to get creative. A place that inspires me, grounds me, and centers me in love and serenity.

I decided to organize my inspiration and design ideas into a collage that hopefully will inspire you to make some cozy, happy changes to your room as well 😀

The Inspiration:


The towering canopy tied back with beautiful tassles, the decorative pillows, the intricate detail, the richness of calming yet luxurious colors.  These are the things that inspire me… details, comfort, and luxury.

Boho Heaven

Of course, it’s always fun to throw some personal style in there, so here are some of the things
I found (mostly on Etsy) that made me feel home-y, inspired, and loved.

1. Detailed + Colorful Artwork.
Everyone has different ideas of great artwork, but for me, I want something
fun and meaningful.  This fun piece from TarasArtHouse immediately stood out to me.
The Beatles have always reminded me of my childhood;
singing along to the greatest hits on my walkman
and falling in love with one of the greatest, most influential bands of all time.
Beatles Wall Art

2. Giant canopies hung back with luxurious tassles.
The most affordable way to be a princess.

3. Buddha-inspired decorations.
Whenever I do homework or i’ve had a stressful day, I light my “Buddha Candle;”
it’s a Buddha statue with him holding the candle. It reminds me to see the light,
be the light, and be calm.  It’s always my reminder to “be productive, yet calm.”buddha candleIf the Buddha doesn’t calm and center you, there are lots of other inspiring statues and
figurines you can keep in your room.  For example, the Virgin Mary, the Cross,
Goddess Lakshmi, Ganesha, etc.
I purchased mine at World Market, although I have seen them in stores everywhere.

4. Colorful, Detailed Dreamcatchers.
Dreamcatchers are not only beautiful, but they are also symbolic. Did you know that the
feathers stand for a symbol of breath and good air? And the hole in the middle of
the dreamcatcher is meant to allow the good dreams to pass through, and the web
collects the bad dreams that do not pass through.  Also, the circle shape represents the sun and moon
patterns.  So – they do have some meaning! Also, I just think they are gorgeous.
boho spirit dreamcatcher Boho Dreamcatcher

These dreamcatchers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, details, and colors.
The top dreamcatcher can be found here and the bottom one here.

5. Soothing Candles
The best candles are the ones that are made with soy or
toxic-free.  Cheaper candles can often be made with harmful chemicals
used to create the scents.  Just something to be careful about!
I personally love candles that are warm, spicy, and cozy.  I’m not a fan of flowery,
perfumey scents… instead I go more for the warm vanilla, nutmeg, Christmas/Thanksgiving/Halloween-scents.

For this reason, I chose the CHAI TEA CANDLE from OpalandWonder. There are tons of other scents from that shop i’m putting on my wish list as well. Check it out! The packaging is so cute and simple, too 😀

6. Hanging Lights/Lanterns
The key to a boho haven is always in the lighting.  Detailed fixtures, colorful lamps, and hanging
lights are always featured in these morrocan/bohemian style rooms.  The lanterns I found
are from Etsy, although you can find these in tons of home goods stores.
Cotton LightsMoroccan CandleThese Moroccan candle jars are handpainted by LITdecor. They are inspired by the henna
design, which I am madly in love with. There is a huge variety of colors, designs, and
fixtures available on their Etsy site.

Himalayan Salt Rock

Not only is this Himalayan Salt Rock lamp beautiful, but it is also rich in meaning and purpose.
These salt rocks come in candle form or as a lamp that can be plugged in.

What is the purpose of a salt rock lamp?
Positive ions in the air are most commonly known as molecules of carbon dioxide. Negative ions, on the other hand,
are commonly molecules of oxygen. With that being known, the Himalayan Salt Rock emits tons of
negative ions into the air (oxygen) when there is heat, electricity, or radioactivity involved.  Hence, when you
plug in the lamp or put a candle into the hollow space of the rock, negative ions are released.

This helps with a multitude of health problems, including respiratory health and
mental wellbeing.

7. Decorative Garland
Another really cool thing about the whole boho style room is that there is detail on detail on DETAIL!
Tons of color and texture allows for interesting designs like this fabric garland inspired by Free People patterns.
Fabric BannerComing in various lengths and patterns/colors, there is a garland perfect for you. I imagine
putting it around the perimeter of my bed canopy to add a little something extra. Like I said,
i’m all about the various patterns, textures, and unexpected details.
The same shop also makes some of the dreamcatchers I mentioned earlier. Check it out here 🙂

8. Wall Art + Details
Continuing on with the detail, wall art is so important. It’s important to have
things up that inspire you, calm you down, and ground you in your values.
Here are some of my favorites that I found on Etsy.

Peace Sign Wall DecorFound at the Peace Petals and Pearls shop, these peace wreaths come in different colors
and different flower varieties. They’re so cute I can’t get over them!
Everyone needs a little reminder to be at peace with nature and the world,
and this is my reminder 🙂

california AKJDSLAThis California Dreamin’ picture serves as reminder of where i’m going.
Nothing like reminding myself every day that I can live the California Dream when I graduate.

bible verseNothing like a little reminder that the Universe + God always are within you.
This shop also had tons of other cute quotes and photography, so check it out
to find the ones that are for you. I know I couldn’t choose just one!

Free SpiritThis “free spirit” board is made by Gypsy Loot Girls.
I call myself a free spirit pretty much every day, so it’s fitting 😛
Free Spirit: “A person with a highly individual or unique attitude, lifestyle, or imagination.”

9. Tapestry
It wouldn’t be a haven without a mandala, elephant, or decorative tapestry.
Urban Outfitters has some great choices of tapestries, as well as Etsy.
The best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a cute one!
I’m personally going to be using mine as a background to my bed, sort of like a headboard.
kerala tapestry printed elephant

I love the rich colors and design of the top tapestry, and the fun, playful feel of the
elephant tapestry. Both are from Urban Outfitters!

I hope you enjoyed all the bohemian haven finds as much as I enjoyed looking for them!
I can’t wait to start purchasing and redecorating until eventually my room is
really, truly “my space.”

What are your must haves for your personal style?
Anything I missed that I should know about?

Feel free to share in the comments below, or email me at
{To talk, to vent, to share, to connect.}

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