Diary of an Addict

I’m addicted.




While i’d like to say i’m more of a coffee ‘enthusiast,’ or a ‘coffee snob,’ it really comes down to the fact that i’m just plain obsessed with it.  I’m not just obsessed with the taste, although that’s great.  I’m obsessed with the whole coffee experience.

When I hear the coffee pot brewing, it’s one of my favorite sounds in the world.  No, i’m really not kidding.  In the morning, i’m PUMPED about my first cup.  I practically dance my way to the cupboard to pick out one of my huge “coffee-only” mugs (currently, it’s a Santa mug even though it’s February. Go figure.)  The bigger the mug, the better. That means more coffee ‘per cup’ and I don’t have to feel guilty when I refill.

Oh, but you can’t just brew any coffee. You have to put the thought into what KIND of coffee you want. Oh, there are SO MANY FLAVORS. So many tastes.  Do I want a strong, bitter, robust coffee or a light, blonde, morning blend today?  Do I want cherry flavored, or organic fair trade fancy-pants coffee?  Maybe i’m feeling like an all star and I want french-press coffee. Who knows. It’s the first choice I get to make during the day, and it’s a fun one.  Then there comes the creamer choices, or no creamer, or ….

Starbucks. Don’t even get me started on Starbucks and other coffee shops, because they are heaven for a coffee addict like me.

My addiction to coffee never bothered me, up until I had big problems with adrenal fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome.  I heard that drinking caffeine exacerbated symptoms drastically, but I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to.  In fact, I was disgusted and offended someone would ask me to give up COFFEE. Don’t they know I have things to do, people to see, places to get? Apparently not.

This was all until one day when I decided to give up coffee. Bye bye.

The Ivy mugs in LA. How cute are they!?
Big-ole’ coffee mug from The Ivy in LA. I am so in love with the decor and feel of this restaurant!

Day One: one word can describe the first day off coffee, and it is simply “Slug.”  I slugged around my house not communicating with human beings because my fingers were too tired to text.

Day Two: Feeling foggy. Feeling sluggy. Wanting coffee.

Day Three: Things are changing. I can sleep. I can nap. My heart isn’t pounding and my blood sugar seems to not be going nuts.

Day Four: Sleep is wonderful. Still really tired and sluggish, but my mind is more clear.  My body is detoxing, but my brain is off the coffee.

Day Five: Green Tea is best friend. I wasn’t going ‘caffeine free,’ simply coffee-free. Feeling good. Thinking i’ll never drink coffee again.

Day Six: Coffee-relapse

What did I learn in my five days off coffee?  Well, while one might assume that not enough time passed to know, I realized how hugely caffeine was affecting the speed of my life.  Not drinking coffee even for just five days allowed me to slow down.  It didn’t mean I wasn’t productive, it simply meant that when I was exhausted, I didn’t drink another cup of coffee so I could go to my friends house.  Instead, I took a 20 minute nap in bed.  Being coffee-free allowed me to reconnect to my body in a way that was really unique and eye-opening.  If only five days could have that impact, imagine what a whole month could do!

While I did give in to coffee, I went from 3-4 cups a day to 1 cup every couple of days, and drinking green tea other days.  I listen to my body, and my body now tells me “tea” instead of coffee. Usually. Now that i’ve gotten a taste of that peaceful, grounded, in-touch-with-my-body feeling of being off the coffee, it’s much easier for me to turn down excess caffeine. It simply doesn’t feel good anymore.  And now, I can truly say I am more of a “coffee enthusiast” because I drink it for the taste instead of for fake energy. Now I can focus on getting some high quality coffee, and maybe even buying my own french press. Who knows. A short five days off coffee has allowed me to view it as a treat, not a necessity.  Pretty groundbreaking.

ALSO ~ during this time, I also changed up my diet a bit. I have been eating a lot cleaner which has really impacted my energy level, which has drastically reduced the amount of caffeine I crave.  Very interesting to see how your body can adapt so quickly to new methods and experiments!

What’s your relationship with coffee? Have you tried to give it up? What was it like for you? 

I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Lots of love,

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10 thoughts on “Diary of an Addict

  1. My coffee habit was ever increasing and my energy ever waning. When my adrenals tested low and my Lyme tested positive, I gave up all caffeine. Well, an occasional piece if dark chocolate may sneak in. I missed the morning ritual a little but no changes otherwise. Now, I can only drink half of a small cup before my heart goes crazy. I do have some decaf when I have the urge. I really wish coffee shops would carry coconut milk creamer!

  2. I’m a one-cup-a-day coffee drinker but I’ve been trying to cut back on that. I’ve noticed recently that I don’t need it but I want it. I like the taste, smell, and adding creamer and stevia makes it all the better. I now make a mug of coffee but only drink half of it. I would like to get back to just drinking tea but I’m not ready to say goodbye to coffee. It’s just so darn delicious 🙂

    1. Ugh – YES! The ‘ritual’ and ‘experience’ of coffee is what I love about it the most. Usually I drink coffee while talking to friends – so it’s that social connection too. Half a cup a day is fantastic though! ❤

  3. Dude, Katie, I just did the same thing. I’ve been off coffee for about three weeks now, and it’s RIDICULOUS how much it has changed the way I feel. I made the decision when I realized how many calories/ excess sugar I was consuming WITH my coffee, actually. I’m a latte snob. It’s a curse.

    Admittedly, I still find myself craving it often, but I’ve been supplementing tea drinks and it’s alright so far. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. Wow that is AMAZING! Three weeks? I might have to take that up as a challenge haha 🙂 So weird how huge of an effect coffee has on mood, energy, blood sugar, everything.

      It’s funny you said the comment about the calories/sugar you consumed along with the coffee – that’s another reason I cut down/cut it out! Luckily I have fallen in love with coffee sweetened with cinnamon & soy milk instead of the mochas I used to LOOOVE. 🙂

      What kind of tea is your favorite? I’m loving the Yogi teas right now but looking for more!

  4. I don’t drink coffee butttt I am a recovering Coke Cola Addict. I, too, loved the “ritual” part of it. The sound of the can ‘popping’ open and all of the fizz and bubbles made it that much better. I HAD to have Coke with everything because I believed that it made my food taster better. It was to the point where I would have Coke with my breakfast/lunch/dinner and in-between (It wasn’t unusual for me to have 5-6 cans/bottles of Coke a day; water had completely exited my diet.). Well, today marks 50 days w/o Coke. I literally had to take Aleve/Ibuprofen as soon as I woke up every day for 3 – 4 weeks to avoid the caffeine headaches. I don’t crave pop very often but when I do, I think about how I don’t want to throw away all that I have achieved thus far and that is enough for me to avoid the delicious, sugar-filled drink. 😉

    – Merrissa

    1. WOW Merrissa that is so great! I really liked the taste of Diet Coke for a long time and HAD to have it as a pick me up every single day. Those withdrawal headaches are a killer 😛

      Keep going strong and keep improving your health! It’s incredible what you’ve accomplished already 😀

      Lots of love<3

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