Where I Go To Renew My Inspiration…

Wow, it’s been a long time since i’ve made a post!  I’ve been doing a lot of “soul searching” during this time (I guess you could call it), and it’s been really life-transforming.

I know there’s some phrase about forcing yourself to write even if you think you have nothing to write about, but in those times, my posts just seem “blah” to me.  I wrote quite a few – maybe even 5 – blog posts that I ended up deleting before publishing because they just didn’t open my mind, spark inspiration, or any of the things I aim to do with this blog.  SO I waited until inspiration hit, and let this post practically write itself 🙂

What i’m talking about today is how to rejuvenate your life in the simplest way possible.  I’ll call these rejuvenation days.

As a child and into high school, I swore by my ‘off days’ from school to stay sane, get work done, and come back feeling much better.  While i’m not saying you should skip school all the time, I am definitely saying there is a fine line between pushing yourself and causing yourself to burn out.

How do you know if you’re living in burnout?

Most of us are.  If you’re feeling uninspired, unsatisfied with life, unable to appreciate the little things (a sunny day, a warm cup of tea, the animals around you), you’re probably living in a constant state of burnout.  On a physical level, if you’re feeling weak, severe muscle aches and tension, headaches, insomnia… you’re probably living in burnout.  On a spiritual and emotional level, if you’re feeling depressed, suffering from constant/recurring panic attacks/anxiety, crying for ‘no reason’, overwhelmed by even small things… you may be living in burnout.


What can you do about this?

The first step is simply becoming aware of the fact that there is a better way to live.  Life doesn’t have to be unhappy, overwhelming, or a constant daily battle to keep going.  Life can be fun, awe-inspiring, and truly beautiful… but you have to take pretty amazing care of yourself to get there.

For the entirety of my middle school and high school career, I pushed myself into the burnout zone and I really ‘enjoyed’ keeping myself there because I thought it made me look driven, successful, and hardworking.  In reality, it was none of those things.  There’s nothing cute, accomplished, or successful about burning yourself into the ground.

What I do instead is walk the line of relaxation and hard work.  It’s still a balancing act for me, but each day i’m learning better and better what works for me personally.  What I do know works for me is this simple trick that alwaaaaaaays brings me “back to life” 😀


Rejuvenation days/weekends/week are amazing if you’re trying to channel more inspiration, synchronicity, and miracles into your life.  On a physical level, you’ll come back feeling rested, undereye-bag-free, and with less tension, aches, and pains.  On an emotional level, I can guarantee you will be feeling way more positive, upbeat, and joyful in life.

The key is to make rejuvenation days part of your schedule.  They’re as important as school deadlines, work projects, and fun social events.  To keep your energy, mood, and creativity up, schedule these regularly (once a week, or once a month).

What does an average rejuvenation day look like?

Well, it totally depends based on the person!  I’ll take you through one of mine though:

Today – all due dates, pressure, and events are cancelled in my book.  I make sure to complete necessary work beforehand so that today can truly be a day to rest and relax.

rejuvenation dayI open my eyes in bed and roll around for another hour.  I grab one of my favorite, thought-provoking books and dive in while making a nice, big cup of steaming green tea.  When i’m feeling hungry, I get up and make a huge green smoothie filled with all my favorite things.  I make it slowly and consciously, thanking the universe and the earth for all the wonderful, nutritious things I am able to eat.  I take my time drinking my smoothie while reading, and then usually head back somewhere quiet to meditate.  I’ll stay in meditation for 10 to 30 minutes, calmly watching my thoughts and detaching from them.  This is called “watching the thinker” and it’s an amazing meditation technique for everyone to try.  After that, I will usually feel inspired to blog.  After that I may take a nice long shower, do my hair, paint my nails… or I will head to the gym/my home gym in the basement and run my heart out.  I’ll blast some good music over the speakers, do some HIIT (really makes me feel ALIVE), and then finish up with some Tone It Up strength training.  OR – if i’m really burned out – i’ll do a super relaxing, looooong stretchy yoga practice with my favorite music or on YogaGlo.  Afterwards I am free to do whatever – play guitar, write in my journal, paint, draw, maybe even watch endless hours of TV.  The key is to do things that are truly relaxing and REJUVENATING for your body and soul 🙂

So I challenge YOU to make yourself a priority.  No guilt, no shame about it.  Remember: you’re no fun to be around if you’re cranky, upset, and burned to the ground.  To be better for yourself and for everyone around you, make rejuvenation days a non- negotiable 😀

Oh! Something I made on my own personal rejuvenation day — for all the emailers /comments who asked how I do my eye makeup/foundation… I made a makeup video on it awhile ago and totally forgot to share it on my blog!  Hope you kitties like 🙂 I loved making it. (makeup is my other passion, haha)

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