Experiencing the Yoga & Meditation High

What attracts people to drugs?

An escape from the troubles of daily life. A sense of new reality and perception. Fun. Excitement. Pleasure. Euphoria. Bliss.

If this is why people are attracted to drugs, I can understand completely why yoga and meditation have become so wildly popular and mainstream.  But you don’t need me to tell you that yoga and meditation is clearly a better choice than doing drugs. Obviously.

What is it, though, that makes yoga and meditation so addicting?  What causes the yoga ‘high’ or the pure euphoric feeling of meditation?

One word: Shakti.


Shakti is the Sanskrit word used to describe the life-giving, divine energy within each and every single one of us.  Getting in touch with shakti through meditation and yoga results in an intense feeling of euphoria, new perceptions, “Aha!” moments, creativity, and loving energy.  Shakti also produces the knowing within the person experiencing it’s power that they are interconnected with the workings of the entire Universe and Higher Power.

If you’ve experienced shakti before, you understand what I mean when I compare it to a drug.  There’s truly nothing like it.  Although it takes time to get connected to your shakti power, it’s well worth the wait and practice.  Once you’ve learned to connect, you can play with the intense energy in whatever way suits your purpose.

So, what does this “shakti drug” feel like?  It feels differently for each person, and can change from day to day, moment to moment.  For some, it feels like electricity, intense energy felt in the areas of your Chakras, tingling in limbs/face, a feeling of expansion or opening of the heart, or simply total bliss.  For me, I often experience my shakti as a current of energy in my body, usually along with some sort of color that correlates with my mood and emotions.  For example, during my meditation today, my shakti felt and looked like a glittery, lavender-colored electric current through my veins.  (I promise this only sounds crazy until you’ve experienced it!)

If you’ve never gotten in touch with this side of yourself, or if the idea of energy in your body sounds insane, here’s how you can tap into your Power.

1. Sit Still, And Feel.

Sit comfortably and in silence.  Feel your body.  Does it feel stagnant or do you feel the blood pumping through your veins, your heart beating, your lungs inhaling?  Your body is alive.  Not only physically but spiritually.  Feel it.

New to meditation?

Try this Tutorial!


2. Flow In Yoga

In the February 2014 issue of Yoga Journal, there is a beautiful article about “moving meditation.”  This is a super quick way to get in tune with your shakti while doing yoga.  For example, while you’re in downard dog, reflect on your soul’s mission.  While you’re in warrior I & II, Imagine yourself extending love from your heart to your loved ones, to your city, to your state, to the world.  While in Shavasana, let yourself be carried by an imaginary wave, carelessly floating and trusting you will be taken care of.  There are more examples, but i’ll let you discover them in the article for yourself!


3. Chakra Practice

One of the fastest ways I learned to connect with my shakti is by doing Chakra meditation.  While it’s not for everyone, it’s INCREDIBLE for helping you identify different energy centers in your body and what they feel like/how they manifest in the physical and emotional form.  The Chakras are absolutely fascinating to me, and while at one time I truly didn’t understand them, with practice you can learn to feel them and experience them directly.  This is a great way to advance your practice of “playing with your shakti power.”


A final note…

Don’t be scared if at first the energy seems super intense or even too much.  Your body goes through a kind of ‘energy’ detox for quite a while.  You might feel things – good OR bad – even more intensely than you’re used to.  This is totally normal.  Open yourself up to and accept this incredible part of your journey inward 🙂 It’s funny now, but when I first started getting in touch with my shakti, I would cry for no reason.  It’s just energy being detoxed from your body.  It will fade on its own, and in its place bliss will fill you 🙂

So much love to all of you,

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