Can You Be Disciplined & Loving?

Discipline love yourself

For the majority of my life, I really believed I could only be either ‘disciplined’ or ‘loving’.  I believed that they could not co-exist together, and if they did, one would lack a little.  What did I choose?  I chose to be extremely disciplined in my fitness, diet, and school-work, while lacking love for myself and others in all those areas of my life.

Fast forward from then to 2013.  In 2013, I really lacked discipline (hence why I made it a NYE Intention for 2014!)  I brought love to myself and others, but felt I couldn’t accomplish much without the discipline.  I felt unorganized, scatter-brained, and lazy.

Now here we are.  2014.  I’m finally realizing that discipline and self-love are deeply intertwined, and in order to have one, you must have the other.  I’m finally realizing that being disciplined with school, fitness, and diet is not an act of self-hate; it’s an act of self-love.  In the past, I equated discipline with strict diets, overexercising, and body-bashing.  Discipline = torture.  Now?  Discipline is how I show my love for myself and respect for my goals.  Discipline is paired with loving affirmations, peaceful body talk, and warm fuzzy feelings.

What I realized is that by being more disciplined, I didn’t lose any of my self-love.  In fact, it’s growing every day.  And by being even more self-loving, i’m able to be even more disciplined without it feeling like much work.

Which one are you more focused on when achieving a goal: discipline or being loving towards yourself?  Can you bring more love or more discipline into your life?  What’s holding you back from making this change? 

Journal, meditate, breathe it out.  Let the answers come to you organically. ❤

Lots of love (& discipline!),

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