2014: The Year You Bring Sexy Back

Happy New Year!  I honestly can’t believe Christmas is over, it’s 2014, and winter break is ending in 3 days.  Crazy how time flies!

I spent my New Year roaming around with my friends at a ski resort in 5 degree weather – and watching my Spartan team win the Rose Bowl!  What did you do for NYE?

So, remember how I was talking about goal setting and making a kick ass NYE resolution?  I have an inkling yours might have to do with getting healthy since so many of us fall off track during the holiday season.  I know I am ready to get back to living a healthy life – one without the 2 AM food runs, sugary drinks, and lack of exercise.   And the all nighters – – yeah, those have got to stop, too.

I’ll be completely honest with you.  2013 wasn’t my healthiest year.  After getting sick and recovering, I let myself have complete and utter freedom with my food and exercise choices.  While it was wonderful and so essential to healing, it’s no longer serving me.  I miss the discipline and go-getter attitude I used to carry for living a healthy life – because for me, it’s really easy to get off track.

If you’re feeling like me (come on, you know you are!) and are ready to get SERIOUSLY healthy and SERIOUSLY back in shape, listen in.  There’s a wonderful, supportive community of women in the Tone It Up community.  You’ve probably seen the stunning women of TIU, Katrina and Karena, on their new Bravo series (premiering on January 2, 2014! aka tonight!)


There’s one challenge they host that I am particularly head-over-heels in love with, and that’s the LOVE YOUR BODY CHALLENGE! This challenge is from January 2nd-Valentines Day and features diet tips/challenges, as well as workouts sent directly to your TIU App.  Each week, a calendar with workouts is sent out so you can easily stay on track.  Added bonus?  Every TIU girl is running 100 miles – (or cycling, swimming, dancing, HIIT, elliptical, etc.) – by Valentines Day!!!  Can’t you see yourself bringing sexy back already? 😛

Love your Body

The reason I love Katrina and Karena so much is because their programs are based on love, support, and encouragement – not deprivation, starvation, and put-downs.  This challenge is not only physical, but mental as well.  You know i’m a sucker for all that positivity and body-love talk!

I’m so in for this challenge.  I’m willing to give it my all during this and really put my heart and soul into it.  In fact, as I type this i’m getting ready to lace up my sneakers to hit the gym.  New year, new me.  It’s all part of that self-discipline goal I set for myself, remember? 🙂

If you’re up for the TIU Love Your Body Challenge, post in the comments!  Did you complete the challenge last year?

For all the details from Katrina and Karena themselves, check out the link here!  This will tell you how to win prizes, keep connected within the community, workouts, Booty Calls, etc.

Lots of love,

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