How Can You Make Your Resolution Last?


To be honest, this is one of my favorite times of the year.  I get my journal out and I write and write for hours about my past year and the year to come.  From those scribbles, I usually find a few things I can work on and a few things I learned and mastered.

How did 2013 treat you?

Whether it kicked ass or kicked YOUR ass, there’s some amazing life lessons i’m sure you learned.  For me, I truly learned to feel complete on my own.  I learned to honor my relationship with myself and take pride in that, making self-care, meditation, and yoga a priority.  What about you? I would love to hear.

Chances are, you already have some ideas of how you want 2014 to go.  What do your resolutions look like, feel like, and sound like?  Do they fill you with dread and stress, or happiness and love?

I remember before I started my spiritual journey, every year I would have the exact same resolution: “LOSE 10 POUNDS.”

So boring. Ho-hum.

It wasn’t exciting.  It didn’t fill me with any emotion other than stress and disgust.  I wasn’t filled with passion or love or anything.  They were just words.

But now? My resolutions EXCITE ME, FILL ME WITH PASSION, and LIGHT MY FIIIIIRE!  See? So exciting I even had to put it in all caps 😉

How do you make resolutions that last?

Through tons of trial and error, i’ve come up with some tips i’ve used to create lasting New Years resolutions. Enjoy!

1. Create A Vision Board

Take some real time doing this because it’s going on your wall/desktop/somewhere you see it every day.  Fill it with inspiring pictures and quotes; Images that ignite passion and happiness within you.  The vision board should be a reflection of how you want to feel, behave, and think in the coming year.

2. Journal – Reflection Time!

I really believe you can’t make a lasting New Years goal without taking the time to journal and reflect.  When we physically take pen to paper, thoughts begin to flow that we’ve been blocking in our minds.  You may think you have your thoughts all figured out, but they tend to get jumbled and confused in your mind.  So – physically write it out.  You would be shocked to hear what revelations i’ve come to simply by giving myself the gift of journaling.

If you don’t know what to write about – here are some ideas!

~ What were some major events, good and bad, in 2013? ~

~ What did I learn from these events? ~

~ How did I feel in 2013? ~

~ How do I want to feel in 2014? ~

3. How Do You Want To Feel In The New Year?

The answer to the last question will guide you to make lasting, real new year resolutions.  For me, I realized that I want to feel “self-disciplined” and “generous” in 2014.  After journaling, I realized that the areas of my life that were stressing me out were related to a lack of self-discipline and generosity.  It took some time to get down to the root of it, but all events in your life stem from a lack of or excess of a certain feeling.  So – reflect, journal, and then dig deep to find out what it is you want to FEEL that you didn’t feel in 2013.

By focusing on how you want to feel instead of a specific goal, you open up doors and opportunities for yourself to grow and change.  Instead of a boring goal like “Lose 10 pounds,” being “self-disciplined” extends into school, my eating habits, and exercise regimen.  With the goal of “generosity,” I open the door to any and all service, volunteer, and charity work that comes my way.  Super exciting stuff 🙂

The best part?  There’s no way to fail.  Everything you do in the coming year is about doing your absolute best to bring self-discipline and generosity (in my case) into everything that you do.  There’s no failing if you have a bad meal (like with a weight loss goal), there’s simply learning and moving forward.  There are no slip-ups, no guilt, just trying, trying again!

4. Shout It To The World!

Make your goals your reality!  Place reminders of your goal everywhere – on your phone, on your computer, on sticky notes, on your fridge, in your car — everywhere!  The more you see your goal, the more you envision yourself already feeling the way your goal makes you feel, the better!

5. Visualize

“If you want what they have, do what they do.”

You already ARE everything that you desire.  It’s all within you, you just simply have to remove the blocks to expressing that.  Each morning or night, take 5 minutes to visualize yourself feeling your goal.  This is so powerful.  I’ve used this to tackle tricky situations and achieve my goals in the past, and it’s a miracle-worker.

6. Be Fearless

Dream big and never put limits on your dreams.  Nothing is unrealistic unless you believe it to be so.

Dream fearlessly, act fearlessly, think fearlessly.

This is your year, ladies and gentlemen!  😀

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