The Miracle of Falling Off Track

I’ve got to admit something.

I’ve been off track.  For how long? Who knows. Maybe all semester, maybe it’s only been a few weeks.  For me it feels like forever!

Off track in what way?  Off track in my self-care (meditation, yoga, working out, journaling, being grateful, praying, juicing, etc.)

I’ve had days where I ate nothing but bagels, pasta, and chocolate (yummy, but not good for my mood.)  I’ve been off track in my meditation — almost an entire week going by without taking a full 10-20 minutes to meditate. That’s unheard of for me!  Off track with my scheduling, bed time, and passion for life.  What does that mean?  I revert back to a cranky, overly-emotional, feisty little Katie.

Unfortunately, my nature is not to be lovely and wonderful to be around.  I can tend to get kind of aggressive and can be a little whine-y, and without an excellent self-care routine, I can slip into some of those old, nasty habits.  When I start to notice myself losing my temper, gossiping, or eating like total crap, the first thing I look at is my self-care.

How early am I going to bed? How long am I sleeping?

Am I being productive, or wasting away the hours of the day?

Am I being kind to myself? Am I being compassionate towards others?

Am I meditating once, twice, three times a day?

Have I done yoga today?

When’s the last time I juiced, cooked a super healthy meal, or drank a smoothie?

Who am I surrounding myself with?  Are they lifting me up or dragging me down?

Self-care isn’t selfish; Self-Care is the most selfless act of love for yourself AND for others.  I couldn’t write this blog, be a good friend/daughter/sister, or follow my dreams without taking excellent care of my mind and body.  When i’m on point with all these things, I am naturally loving, compassionate, patient, and wonderful to be around.  I’m happy, free, and totally flowing with all the good in the Universe.  When I start to notice i’m not any of those things, I know i’ve got to step it up in the self-love department.

So, what’s the miracle of falling off track?  It’s that you hit a point where BAM! you wake up.  For me, it was a moment after arriving in New York where I totally lost my cool and was in an awful mood the first day.  I looked at a city that would usually inspire me and intrigue me and found I was totally uninterested – even feeling cold – toward the city and this experience.  I knew something was up, so I meditated, journaled, and the sign was clear: clean up your self-care, girl.  You’ve gotta put yourself first in order to be able to follow your dreams, inspire/be inspired, create, and feel loving/loved.

So here we are.  A semester of half-assed self-care later, and i’m realizing i’ve got to step it up.  I’m meditating every morning and night for 10-20 minutes, making sleep a big priority, and moving my body every single day.

What’s your self – care like?  How could it be better?  Check out the areas in your life you want to improve, and see if all you’re missing is a little TLC for yourself.

Lots of love,


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One thought on “The Miracle of Falling Off Track

  1. Katie, can so relate to this! Like you were saying yesterday, seems like our paths are kinda similar at the moment 😉 My self-care has been up and down and all over the place lately – I guess it’s not so strange that that’s how I’m experiencing my life. I love how you put productivity up there on the list. Nothing makes me feel more useless than a day spent doing useless things, though rest days are of course super important. In order to get my self-care rutine back on track, I need to spend a lot less time online, choose carefully who I spend my time with, minimize ingesting toxins (*cough* alcohol), get lots of sleep, get my workout schedule back on track with lots of rest days, and amp up my meditation practice. I think this (plus my crappy weekend) is my wakeup call! Thanks sis! Sending you so much love and strength for your journey.

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