What’s On a Spirit Junkie’s Christmas List?

Dear Santa,

On behalf of my soul sisters, meditation-lovers, and peace-seeking friends, I have compiled a list of things we would all love.  Merry Christmas!

Lots of love,



 “for those who wish to nourish and pamper their bodies with the best.”


I LOVE Pangea products.  They are all natural (really!), nice to the environment, animals, and to your body.  They’re a little pricier for this reason, but they really give you a glow. 

I highly recommend the Japanese Matcha Tea Acai Goji Berry Facial Mask.  Awesome for getting baby soft, glowing skin. I mean really, your face will have never felt so soft.

Looking to create a flawless base?  Try the Italian Green Mandarin w/ Sweet Lime Facial Toner (Normal/Combo Skin).  All you do is mist this toner on (smells AMAZING) and voila! Dewy, even, blotch-free skin.

Time for a new face wash?  The Egyptian Calendula & Blood Orange Facial Cleanser (Dry/Sensitive Skin) is amazing for winter.  Hydrating, fresh, and really works!


Givescent is the all natural, essential-oil only perfume designed by the wonderful Elena Brower and Alexandra Lyon Perelman.  The signature scent is a blend of sun-ripened citrus and spicy vanilla. Can you say yum?  Another bonus is that a portion of the proceeds go to Women for Women International/Every Mother Counts.  That’s a win-win if you ask me!


A healthy body and mind requires healthy food.  My dream items this year?  A spiralizer for making raw zucchini and carrot noodles, a cutting board to make life a little easier, and a nice cutting knive for all that chopping of vegetables I do.



“for anyone looking for a little self-improvement this holiday season & in the upcoming year.”


I saw this and immediately fell in love.  What more brilliant idea than a step-by-step program and workbook for women who are ready to add a little more peace into their partying lifestyle?  Tara Bliss empowers women to find their inner strength to live a life full of love, inspiration, and peace.  The best part? She’s all about the in-between.  This isn’t a step-by-step program to never drink again (unless you want it to be – as she says!), but it’s about making peace work for your lifestyle – whatever that is right now.  How cool is that?

You can check that out on her website.


I’m all about reading lately.  Give me a room full of books and i’m good to go.  On my Christmas list this year are Brene Browns books, Daring Greatly and The Gifts of Imperfection.  Brown is a lead researcher on vulnerability, inspiring people everywhere to BE VULNERABLE.  I’m super excited to read these, i’ve heard nothing but good things.


I am obsessed with everything Gabrielle Bernstein.  This wonderful woman has been a huge component of my spiritual growth.  One of the awesome webinars she has available is her workshop called “Finally Full.”  This is for anyone who has issues with emotional eating, wanting to get healthier, or suffering from an eating disorder.  Across the board, she’s got you covered.  Take the spiritual approach to healing your body and healing your mind.

If the person on your list hasn’t read Spirit Junkie yet, it’s time to buy this wonderful book.


“for the person seeking peace, consciousness, and a state of inner bliss.”


Well if I were to say i’m obsessed with this brand, that would be an understatement.  I really am in love.  Take a look for yourself, but my favorites are:

‘Do Small Things With Great Love’ Cozy Eco Fleece Pullover , World Peace Through Inner Peace’ Flow Tee , and the Rose Quartz Mala.  Psst – this mala is believed to give the wearer a strong sense of self worth aka self love.  Rose Quartz “is known for its ability to open the heart chakra to different types of love, from platonic, to romantic, and even self love.”  Yep, sign me up!


Subscriptions are really the gift that keeps on giving.  My favorite magazines right now are Yoga JournalSpirituality & Health, and Origin Magazine. 

Another subscription I will never part with?  YogaGlo.com!  Endless full-length yoga classes, meditations, and Living Yoga classes 🙂 I use this every single day and it has REALLY strengthened my yoga and meditation practice!


The ultimate gift would be a yoga, meditation, and healing retreat.  These are found all over the world!  Personally, i’m wishing for a trip to Wanderlust in CA or one of these awesome places.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving & Black Friday!

Lots of love,

2 thoughts on “What’s On a Spirit Junkie’s Christmas List?

  1. You’ve got some awesome goodies on your Christmas list, Katie! I particularly want to check out the Brene Brown books you mention (vulnerability has often been one of my biggest struggles, too), and the Givescent. Yum!

    Great to discover you! Happy Thanksgiving!


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