How To Make Your Wildest Dreams Come True

There’s no need to wish on a star, wait for 11:11, or toss a coin into a ‘lucky pond.’  I’ve recently been playing with a little spirit junkie ‘secret’, and it has worked so well I knew I had to share with all of you 🙂 What is it?

The art of visualizing.  

Some may call it daydreaming, manifesting, or visual meditation, but I call it making dreams come true.

I am always reading new things, and one of the concepts I kept coming across was visualizing.  I decided to give it a try once I read You’ll See It When You Believe It by Wayne Dyer.  I took an issue close to my heart and decided I would make that my “visualization project” for the month.  I imagine myself and how I will feel, look, and act when I have reached my goal.  Throughout the day, I take mini visualization breaks to remind myself of that image, that feeling, etc.  What has happened?

Even when i’m not thinking about it, I find my actions are beginning to align with that image i’ve been visualizing. I am becoming that person I have dreamt about, and it’s because i’ve kind of ‘tricked’ my mind into thinking I already am that.  My mind starts to believe that it is actually happening.

Some cool psychology info i’ve learned through my reading is that when we visualize ourselves doing something, it activates the same regions of the brain and in the same way as if we had actually performed that action.  When you visualize how you will feel, act, and look in a situation, you amplify the effect.

So how do you apply this into action?  You’ve gotta work it for it to be successful.  You’ve got to visualize 1-3x per day (at the very least!) and aim to give yourself 5 minutes of getting totally wrapped up in your “daydream.”   I also love to write about it, picture it, feel it, and watch and read about other people who have achieved that goal. Immerse yourself in the goal.  Immerse yourself in your visualizations.  Immerse yourself in the feelings of success, accomplishment, and pride as you slowly but surely start achieving that goal you’ve been imagining.  Happy dreams, soul sisters & brothers!

*Psst!  Holiday treats on the brain?  I feel you!  We all let loose around the holiday season… but try not to get THIS crazy 😛  If you need some laughs, check out my sister and her roommate singing and dancing around NYC to “DONUTZ” a ‘Royals – Lorde’ cover.  Love it? Share it! *

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