Home Is Where the Heart Is


There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.  Wouldn’t it have been nice if Dorothy knew what my spiritual mentors have taught me?  Home isn’t a place, home is a feeling.  Home is within you.

Most of us are so disconnected from our bodies, thoughts, and souls that we can’t even imagine finding comfort, pure bliss, and a calm unlike anything else inside ourselves.  We’re always looking outside for acceptance, love, and relaxation, when in reality, it’s all inside of us.  All we have to do is be willing to unblock that space.

The most amazing part about realizing that your body is a temple for your soul, and you are a soul with a body (rather than a body with a soul), is that you can tap into your inner energy at any time.  I am working on living from that space of inner peace, inner acceptance, love, and comfort no matter where I go.  It’s incredible because no matter where you go and what you do, you’re always home.  No matter how uncomfortable a situation is, I can turn inward even for a minute and recollect and recharge myself.  I can recognize that my soul itself is “home” and that I can connect to that place often enough to live from that space wherever I go.  THAT is a work in progress, but one i’m loving to practice each day.

If this sounds crazy, let me break it down.  You have a body.  You are not your body.  You have a soul.  You are your soul (that’s where your heart, energy, and divinity reside).  Most of us live right above our souls… sort of in nomad’s land.  We aren’t really “checking in” with our hearts or our inner energy and we’re just sort of bopping around through life looking outside of ourselves for “The Answer” to happiness, success, and peace.  The problem with this is that it can get extremely lonely and often really depressing.  When we live disconnected from our soul space, we can experience depression, an existential crisis, addiction, anxiety, and that feeling of being incomplete.  No one has to suffer like that.  I know you’ve probably thought there’s a better way to live, and you’re right!  That’s where living from the soul aka “home is where the heart is” comes in.

Here’s how to re-connect and find your inner home that you can bring with you wherever & whenever.  😀

1. Meditate Every Day! (And Get Your Yoga On)

This is the fastest and easiest way to get a taste of your soul and how amazing it is.  If you need guidance, try this out:  de-stress by first relaxing each part of your body for 5-10 minutes.  Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to meditate.  Imagine a beautiful white or rosy-pink light washing over each and every part of you, filling you with the light.  You can play with making more space for the light by pushing out the “negative energy.”

It’s also a really good idea to check out some heart & solar plexus chakra meditations.  This is where most people really feel their “inner home” is.  I think you’ll understand the concept a little better once you’ve done some of these 🙂

The first time I ever understood this concept was during a really challenging yoga class.  On the outside, class was extremely demanding and exhausting, but on the inside I felt light, free and focused.  The teacher explained that the more we practice yoga, the more we free our bodies up to go inward and recognize our completeness.  Our completeness is our soul; our home. The more we practice yoga, the more we learn to live in that space on and off the mat.

2. Purchase A Mala

Mala beads are like prayer beads.  I love malas because it’s like wearing an affirmation.  Each mala is designed with crystals (usually) to represent something such as love, heart opening, self-love, success, free-spirit, etc.  Each time you look at the mala, you can remind yourself of the energy you wish to possess, as well as meditate on it.

Right now I wear the “Inner Essence Intentions” bracelet from Tiny Devotions to remind myself constantly to check in with my soul and live from that place of my inner essence.  It’s actually worked wonders, because it’s a constant reminder.  So whatever it is you want more of, think about purchasing a mala aimed towards that goal or intention. “Be Love Apparel” also has some really cool ones!

3. Create Your Own “Sacred Space”

If right now it seems impossible to find home inside yourself, make yourself a “sacred space”.  Buy some really nice candles or incense, decorative pillows, blankets, and create a vision board with all your aspirations and dreams.  Make the space totally your own.  You don’t need a lot of space: all you need is a corner or a room if that’s all you’ve got space for.  Whatever is there should reflect how you wish your inner state to be.  Make time to sit in meditation or journal in your sacred space every day.  This will definitely help you connect 🙂

Lots of love,
{I celebrate the place in you where we are all one.}

{Email: katieghealthcoach@gmail.com}

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