Let’s Get RAW: Chatting About Raw Food

Fotor1103205931Here’s a little story you may or may not have known about me.  When I was beginning my journey into health and trying to heal my Chronic Fatigue/Adrenal Fatigue, I researched EVERYTHING.  Naturally, I was led to countless sites praising vegetarian and especially vegan diets.  Then there was the raw food vegan diet.. and I thought, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”  I was on and off vegan (sometimes vegetarian) for about a year-ish.  Even that seemed insane to me sometimes.

Fast forward to today.  It’s been awhile since i’ve felt like my diet has been “top-notch” and i’ve been letting the temptation of late night college fun distract me from my healthy diet.  My body inevitably feels it as I am extremely sensitive to nutrition/exercise/sleep changes.  Luckily, I received a little poke from the Universe saying, “Hey! Try this!” to get me back on track.

Somehow I stumbled upon FullyRaw Kristina on Youtube.  I literally spent hours going through her videos — it’s been so long since something has caught my interest like that!  Although she is – (as the name implies) – FULLY raw, she frequently mentions that even one fully raw meal a day can make a world of change in your life and the way that you feel and look.  I don’t doubt it.  I’ve experienced it firsthand; One green juice or massive, colorful salad can keep my energy and mood up for hours.  When I was at my sickest, whenever I had a really really fatigued & achy type of day, I would head over to Whole Foods and eat the largest, most colorful salad and almost immediately feel better.  I kid you not.  Salad is magical.

What caught my attention the most about Kristina is her embodiment of someone who is VIBRANT, GLOWING, and HEALTHY.  When you look at her, you can just tell she’s healthy and extremely happy.  I don’t know about you, but I always want to feel vibrant, glowing, and healthy.  So what was this wonderful raw food doing to Kristina? How could I get what she has? What’s so great about raw food?

Well, first.. if you’re new to the raw foodie movement, let me explain a bit. Raw food includes anything that is fresh, natural, and not heated beyond 104 degrees F (although some say up to 118 F is okay).  A lot of raw foodies swear by local and organic food as well.  Why ditch the cooked food?

Cooking kills the living enzymes in food.  Enzymes are your body’s little buddies that help you digest food.  When the foods we eat are devoid of living enzymes, our body has to make them.  This takes up energy and requires some hard work; hence why you feel sluggish and tired after some big cooked meals.  Don’t believe it?  Compare how you feel after a hamburger and how you feel after a big, fresh, colorful salad.  Two totally different feelings, right?  Which feels better (short term and in the long run?)

Cooking food beyond 104 degrees also changes the pH of the food.  This makes food more acidic, and if you didn’t know, acid in our bodies creates disease and inflammation.  The healthiest diet in the world is one that is full of bountiful alkalizing, rejuvenating, and healing foods.  Turns out, alkalizing food also happens to be raw food.  What a coincidence 😛  Eating a diet rich in alkaline (aka RAW vegetables, fruits, nuts/seeds, sprouts, and super foods) helps you sleep more efficiently (less sleep and feeling more rested!), lose weight, clear skin, whiten and enhance your eyes, improve energy dramatically, improve and stabilize mood level, prevent/reverse diabetes as well as chronic health problems and many ‘lifestyle diseases and cancers’, and improve immune function.  PHEW! Sounds pretty freaking awesome to me.

There’s way more science behind raw food (I mean books and books full!), so i’ll spare you the science class and leave that up to you if you’re interested in learning more.

The best part? In order to reap the benefits of a raw diet, you don’t have to go fully raw.  You can make small changes each day — having a green smoothie for breakfast (32 oz), a green juice, a massive and colorful salad for lunch, a big raw zucchini pasta dinner.  Commit to feeding your body one fully raw meal every single day. Notice how it feels when you eat raw.  Do you feel light, energetic, and full?

Speaking of full – how are you supposed to fill up on raw foods?  Easy-peasy!  The sugar in fruit is a naturally occurring, easily digested form that provides carbohydrates, energy, and calories to fill you up.  There’s also tons and tons of nutrients in fruits, veggies, and things like sprouts which will be incredibly beneficial in keeping you full and less susceptible to cravings. Plus, the awesome thing is that when you eat raw food, you can eat as much as you want!  You never have to limit yourself when you’re eating fresh fruits and veggies.  That is the greatest news i’ve heard in a long, long time.

I’m all about making baby changes that are sustainable and realistic for my life.  I know consistency is the most important thing, and so when I make a change, I want it to last.  That’s why i’m exploring raw foods in a slow and comfortable way for me – and that means making sure I have one fully raw meal a day and increasing my intake of raw foods.  I’m incredibly excited to start seeing and feeling the difference when I focus on living, high-vibin’ foods!

Lots of love,

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Get RAW: Chatting About Raw Food

  1. I definitely notice the effects after eating a fully raw meal — my husband and I call it the “vitamin/vegetable high”. I’ve been thinking of making my breakfasts into fully raw or even monomeals. I would say “I’d never go fully raw” but I said the same thing about veganism as a vegetarian (“Oh no, vegan is just way too extreme jeez lighten up would ya?”) and here I am, VEGAN haha.

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