Seeing The World Through Rose Colored Glasses

You’ve probably heard this phrase before.  It’s usually a negative comment about someone who simply can’t see the “reality” of life.  It’s used to describe someone who sees life as loving, happy, exciting, healthy, vibrant, and “rosy.”  So why is this a bad thing?

As a society, we are incredibly wrapped up in fear.  Fear of lack (money, looks, relationships, success).  Fear of failure.  Fear of hurt.  Fear of feeling.

Yes, I truly believe most of us are living in a constant state of being afraid to feel.  Feeling anything, really.  We allow ourselves to half-heartedly feel the emotions of our lives such as sadness, anger, happiness, and bliss.  We stuff them all under and stifle them until they morph into some sort of crazy blended super-emotion that, to be honest, kinda sucks.  It’s that “blah” feeling so many of us go through life feeling.  How sad is that?

“This life gives us much joy, love, and light; but it also shows us a fair amount of pain, sadness, and suffering.  When our hearts are open, we take everything into ourselves and we are deeply affected by what we see.  We do not hold ourselves separate from the pain of others.  Most of us might not think we are up to the task of living with our hearts open; and we could begin to close down, little by little, so that we can get through our days without having to feel too much.” The Daily Om by Madisyn Taylor.

At birth, we all see the world through rose-colored glasses.  So far, nothing has truly harmed us.  All we believe in is love.  This is why it’s so important to teach children about things like “stranger danger” — kids have no idea that there is ‘bad’ out there in the world.  So while this is a good thing and important for our safety, it also begins the closing down process.

As we grow older, we continue to close down each time something negative happens.  It’s a big part of the self-protection mechanism that is instilled in us.  We avoid pain, and to avoid it, we close down.  We simply don’t feel as much.

When you begin a spiritual practice, you open up.  Your heart opens, your mind opens, and often times this can be downright scary.  You’ll most likely be bombarded with all the feelings and emotions you never allowed yourself to fully feel, and let me tell you, you will FEEL them now!  This isn’t a bad thing (remember: feeling emotion is never bad), it’s just much different than what we’re used to.

A spiritual practice cracks you open in places you didn’t know existed.  For example, i’ve always been a sensitive person.  However, once I started my spiritual practice, I became extra-sensitive. I could feel the pain of others and of my life more deeply, but I could also feel emotions I had never felt before such as pure bliss or tranquility.  Although I had never been a really positive person, I did start to see the world through rose-colored glasses. I still do.  I believe in the goodness of all people and have compassion for all beings (at least I try my very best to!)  When someone lies to me, or hurts me, I feel it very deeply.  When someone does something kind or generous, I also feel it very deeply, but in a beautiful and gracious way.  Does living this way make me extremely vulnerable to being hurt?  Yes, but it also allows me to live my life from my heart at all times, and allows me to feel more joy, bliss, and happiness in a day than I could ever imagine prior to starting my spiritual practice.

While living with your heart open to see the love and light in the world around you can come with its drawbacks, I don’t believe it could ever be a bad thing.  If even one person can change to see that all beings were created from love and deserve compassion, we would have a more peaceful world.  A more peaceful life; a more peaceful soul.

I will forever take it as a compliment when someone says i’m being ‘unrealistic’ by seeing the world with roses and butterflies.  In my mind, that’s amazing.  Who wouldn’t want to live among roses and butterflies instead of dark clouds and sadness?  I’ll take it any day!  It doesn’t mean being ignorant to the negativity around you; it simply means rising above it and choosing to not focus your energy on that.

One of the tricks i’ve learned from Heather Waxman is that for those living with rose-colored glasses, we’ve gotta protect ourselves.  How do we do that?  Say a prayer each morning (or whenever you’re feeling that negative, chaotic, stressful energy) and ask to be protected.

 “May I be protected from the negative energy around me.  May I separate myself from this and surround myself in loving, positive energy. Thank you.”

It really is that easy.  I’ve been doing this every morning and it’s pretty miraculous.  Skeptical?  Just try it 🙂

If you’re not living amongst the butterflies yet, that’s alright.  Just for today allow yourself to feel.  When someone says something that bothers you, feel it and journal it.  When something awesome happens, reallllly sink into that feeling and then write about it.  Just for today!  If you’re not the journaling type, then just give yourself a 1 minute “time out” to feel the things around you and within you.

Lots of love on this beautiful Monday 🙂
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2 thoughts on “Seeing The World Through Rose Colored Glasses

  1. Katie, this is a beautiful post! You are always brimming with positivity and you just make me happy. I just wrote a post on my blog about needing to be more positive (and what I do now and what I need to work on) and it’s funny because I checked your blog, only to see you wrote about the same thing! Stay awesome Katie, and maybe check out my blog? 🙂 ❤

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