Losing Weight By Meditating?

Are you obsessing over every bite? Are you scared of gaining half a pound? Do you weigh yourself every day.. after every workout.. every few hours? Is your life revolved around your body image?

There’s a really common knowing among people in the spiritual & yoga community that recognize this fact:

When you start to make peace with your mind, creating peace with food and your body quickly follows.

How do I know this to be true? Because i’ve seen it with dozens of girls (AND guys!) I know personally, and I can say that without a doubt, meditation cured me.  Meditation cured me of being obsessed with food, obsessed with the way I look, and obsessed with exercise.  Life is now “Before Meditation” and “After Meditation” for me.  That’s how much it changed my body, my mind, and my relationship with food.  So what can YOU do to get the same results?

Get out a journal and try this with me.  Not in an hour, not tomorrow, but right now.  You deserve this time.

Ask yourself these questions and free-write your response:

  1. What is my current relationship with food and my body like?
  2. What do I want my relationship with food and my body to be like?
  3. What is my intention for how I want to feel? How I want to look?

It’s important to get these questions answered because they provide the groundwork for all the amazing things that are yet to come 🙂

Once you’ve really taken the time to write out your answers, reflect on your intention. Make sure it’s something you really want… for example, my intention for today is “I will feel vibrantly healthy.”  For me, that encompasses how I will eat, think, and behave for the day.  If it doesn’t align with that intention, I’m going to think twice before I do it.

Now that you have your intention, you’re ready to declare it.

  1. Every morning, without excuses, declare your intention to yourself (or to the Universe/God/Higher anything).  You’ll be pretty amazed at how your energy shifts just by stating what you want for the day.
  2. Set Your Alarm to go off a few times (or every hour) throughout the day, and make that your time to stop, drop, and reflect.  Declare your intention again, check in on how you’ve been doing, and if you need to course-correct, go for it!  These are like mini pit-stops during your break to check how you’re running.
  3. Meditate. Something beautiful happens when we turn inside ourselves.  It’s the time to connect with how we’re really feeling and what we truly need in this moment.  Meditation is, to me, the highest form of self-love.  When I meditate, everything flows beautifully and i’m well-equipped to handle all the obstacles (or should I say opportunities?!) that life gives to us.

Why is meditating every day so crucial to any weight loss, weight gain, or recovery plan?  This is because it gives us that “in-between thought and action” time to become more conscious in every day life, even while we’re not meditating.  One of my favorite meditations for health goals (whether that be recovering from an eating disorder or looking to get back to a healthy, feel-good weight) is super short and simple.  Enjoy!

“Find a quiet space where you can be alone for five minutes.
Enjoy the silence, or put on some soothing music without words.
Light a candle or incense to signal it’s time to create space and peace within.

Declare your unique intention.

Take 6 conscious breaths: Breathe in for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts, and breathe out for 6-8 counts.

Now visualize yourself living out your intention to the fullest.  What does that look like? What do you look like? How are you acting? Do you feel happy, fulfilled, and vibrant?

Enjoy the moment and fully immerse yourself in living out your intention.”

I can promise you that by practicing this easy, simple visualization meditation every morning or every night, you will begin to see miraculous changes in your life.  The key is to stay consistent with your practice.  Consistency is what’s necessary to give your mind the chance to reprogram itself and start making these dreams a reality!


Namaste & Warm hugs,

[email: katieghealthcoach@gmail.com]
[twitter: theblissfulblog]
[instagram: kay_grifff]

One thought on “Losing Weight By Meditating?

  1. Hmmm. I like the thought of meditating but have trouble sitting still. And when I manage that, I fall asleep… Maybe I have to just work on it some more. 🙂

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