Becoming A Spirit Junkie

You all know by now i’m a sucker for all things spiritual.  If you would have asked me just a couple years ago, I would have described myself as atheist and claimed that spirituality is “stupid.”  Trust me – we all find our practice in our own unique way.  If you’ve got a spiritual practice, awesome.  You’ve probably seen countless miracles unfold in your life if you’re really in the flow.  If you don’t, maybe this post will help de-mistify New Age-y spirituality and help you realize that you don’t have to be a “hippie” to have a practice.  The other thing? You make the rules, you create your practice, and you receive the benefits.

So how did I go from being atheist to being a full on “Spirit Junkie”?  It all happened at a time when I didn’t have any other option – I was extremely sick, depressed, and miserable.  One day I was looking through Heather Waxman’s blog and kept hearing her talk about Gabrielle Bernstein.  I was curious, as the books Heather was reading and talking about sounded so inspiring and life-changing.  The next day, I bought two of Gabby’s books (“Spirit Junkie” and “Add More ~Ing”).  To say that those books changed my life is a total understatement.  Finally, everything in my life made total sense.  No, i’m not exaggerating.

I started praying for the first time in my life, meditating every day, practicing forgiveness and gratitude, and trying to be my personal best.  Life started to “flow” – guidance I asked for in my prayers started showing up in my life, the right people and situations kept coming into my life, and I started to see maybe life didn’t have to be so hard.

The best part of all is that this is something everyone is born with – this ability to connect to a “Higher Power” (even a Higher Self) – and we can instantly start seeing guidance and gratitude in all things.

It’s not about being perfect – I know I am far from it and still have a lot of work to do, but it IS about doing your best in each situation, and when you step out of alignment with your higher self, you forgive yourself and try again next time. It’s really a beautiful way to live.

Like the sound of living a more fulfilled and sunshine-y life? Here’s my really easy tips for starting a practice:

1. Read Up.

I think it’s hard to try to begin a spiritual practice when you don’t even really know what that means.  My favorite books include for starting out are “Spirit Junkie” and “Add More ~Ing” by Gabrielle Bernstein.  Another favorite is “A Return To Love” by Marianne Williamson.  These are two brilliant ladies, and they really modernize spirituality.

2. Meditate Every. Single. Day.

If I go a day without meditating, I can see it and feel it: I’m not as nice, I don’t treat my body as well, and I start to gossip about others.  When I take the time to connect to myself in the morning at night through meditation, I find i’m more loving, giving, and “in the flow.”  Meditation is life changing.  

Check out YogaGlo for tons of meditation videos, set a timer for 5 minutes and just breathe, and look up meditation tips and tricks on the internet (a post on that to come).

3. Journal It Out

The funny thing is that often journaling just seems time-consuming and dumb.  After all, why would writing my thoughts help me at all?  Can’t I just keep all these thoughts in my head?

After each meditation, just try taking your journal out and writing for 10-15 minutes. Even 5 minutes if that’s all you have.  Keep writing and writing and you might be extremely surprised to see what words of wisdom come out.  I know i’ve received tons of awesome solutions to problems when I take the time to journal and reflect.



There’s a million ways to have a spiritual practice, but these are the tips I used for myself to create a practice in the beginning.  Have fun with it and don’t take yourself too seriously 🙂 It’s all a learning process.


Lots of love and meditating,

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