Fitting OUT vs. Fitting IN



It’s no secret my hobbies and interests are a little “out there” for the average college student.  When I drink my green smoothies, people ask me what that disgusting pond water is in my cup.  Instead of rushing out the door in 5 minutes before class, I wake up an hour and a half early so that I can fit in my meditation and morning practice.  While most college kids are staying up cramming for exams or watching TV, i’m making sure i’m in my bed by 10pm.  While most kids are thinking about the stress of school and the future, i’m meditating and yoga-ing through it all.  I pray a lot, read a lot, and write a lot.  For most people, this seems to qualify me as a “hippie” or just plain weird.  And that’s okay.

There are times when I just want to be “normal.”  There are times when people’s comments hurt, or when I feel like maybe I actually am a freak.  There are times I feel like no one will understand my interests and no one will care, but then there are times when I hit my knees, praying and giving gratitude to whatever force led me to this life.  Without my illness, I never would have found what truly makes me ME.

At the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Joshua Rosenthaal always tells us not to be afraid of “Fitting Out.”  So much effort goes into us trying to “fit in” to what is the social norm.  Most people go through life not having any idea what they really like or who they really are because the whole time they are trying to figure out how to be liked, accepted, and ‘normal.’

The best thing about Joshua’s advice about fitting out is that it inspires me every day to be okay with being me.  When something I do is ‘not cool’ or ‘sounds stupid’ to someone else, I do it anyways.  There was a time where I almost didn’t post my blogs because I knew there would be people who would laugh at them – and then I posted them anyways.  When I drink my smoothie, I know people will look, and that’s totally cool.  I rock it now.  I’m learning each and every day to accept more and more of who I am, and to let others see it.  I’m not hiding it anymore.

I’m okay with fitting out, and I encourage you to explore this, too.

What talents are you hiding from others for fear of being judged?  What interests do you have that may or may not be out of the ordinary?  What are your hopes, dreams, and aspirations? Share them!  What are your feelings? Fears? Goals? What makes you excited, sad, happy, and angry?  Everything that makes you YOU is totally okay.  More importantly, it’s okay to share that with others, no matter what anyone says or thinks.

It’s okay to fit out.

Namaste & Hugs,

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One thought on “Fitting OUT vs. Fitting IN

  1. I can’t tell you how much I adore this post, and read it at such perfect timing! Just today at lunch I was eating a veggie burger from a work picnic and this woman I’m working with passed by and was complaining about the length of the line and I said well there’s no line for veggie burgers, and she was like “yeah, no kidding, because they’re veggie burgers!” For a second, I took personal offense from her comment, but then released it. I was getting caught up in her judging me for my choice to not eat meat today at lunch (I eat it on occassion), but realized that probably wasn’t the case. And even if it was, I realized I just don’t care! It’s what makes me feel good and that’s what’s most important. I also get lots of weird looks when I’m drinking my sludgy breakfasts but have finally gotten used to it. 😉

    I totally wish I was on the path you are when I was in college, but also know that divine timing is on my side. Keep doing what you’re doing, you are serving so many people!

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