Throwing Down The F BOMB.

Yes, that’s right. The F Bomb.



What are you still holding onto?  Are you still mad at yourself for telling that secret, lying to your parents, or eating five cookies?  Forgive yourself.  The past will never change, but how you respond to it is now in your hands.  By forgiving, you offer yourself serenity, peace, and love.

This is a lesson that has been coming up big-time for me in my life lately.  Every day there seemed to be something else I was holding onto, another thing I did wrong, or something I could have said (or not said) to make things better.  During my meditations, the phrase “forgive yourself” kept coming up.  In my prayers, I asked for the strength to forgive.  And then it hit me like a truck when my best friend texted me and said, “You deserve to love yourself like you love others, without question and with amazing forgiveness.”

Amazing forgiveness.

That’s the lesson i’ve been missing for myself, and i’m sure i’m not the only one.  I’ll put myself out there if it means I can help others look within and forgive themselves for things that may have happened years ago, or for things they weren’t a part of.  I also hope people can forgive themselves for the every day mistakes we are all bound to make.  It’s all okay.  YOU’re okay!

When it comes to forgiving others, I am wonderful at that.  When it comes to forgiving myself… well, that’s a bit more difficult.


This is a meditation I love from “Spirit Junkie” by Gabrielle Bernstein.  If you haven’t picked up this book yet, I highly recommend it!

Lock your door, find a calm, quiet place, and turn down the lights.  Breathe.

“Inner guide, please lead me to know the truth.

Lead me to release all attack, fear, judgment, and anger.  Help me forgive.

I welcome forgiveness as my safety, serenity, and inner peace.

I welcome happiness and release.

Thank you.”

See yourself standing before you – an image when you were proud of yourself, loved yourself, or felt particularly loved.  You can even picture yourself as a child if you want.

“I am willing to forgive you.

I see the truth and the truth is only love.

I choose to see the light in you.

The light I see in you is a reflection of my inner light.

I choose to forgive.”

Breathe and sit for a few minutes and take it in.

How do you feel?

This is definitely going to bring up some emotions, so get a journal out and write til’ you can’t write any more!

Practice this daily as needed, and use it as your guide to self-forgiveness 🙂

When you practice compassion towards yourself, you’re better able to be compassionate and forgiving towards others.  If you want to spread the light, you’ve got to be the light first!


Wanting more meditations?  Check out the lovely Heather Waxman for free meditations here!  She has a new meditation album coming out (“Soul Sessions”) & she has been gracious enough to share with us even MORE meditations on iTunes!  Thanks Heather 🙂 — see more at []


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