Getting MORE Out of Your Workout

If you have a yoga practice or favorite workout (running, kickboxing, swimming, etc.), try this out next time you hit the mat or gym.  This technique has helped me clear out many of negative situations from my body and mind, or has at least helped me to create solutions and change my perspective.

First thing’s first… Think of something important going on in your life right now.  It might be a problem with your parents or it could be a career goal you’re trying to achieve.  What’s the theme of that problem or dream…Forgiveness? Acceptance of your body? Weight loss? More energy? Your dream job?

Create a few meaningful mantras, or a prayer, to repeat during your workout or yoga practice.  Mantra (a word/sound repeated) is just a fancy-pants word for a positive affirmation.  Choose a few sentences or words that are really meaningful to you and that you like enough to stick with for the duration of your workout.


I’ll give you an example of my yoga practice today:

The theme of today’s practice is to forgive.  To forgive others and forgive myself for things that have been said and done.  I began by reading a prayer from Gabrielle Bernstein’s book, “Spirit Junkie.”  I prayed, I asked for forgiveness, and I started with some sun salutations and light stretching.

      “I welcome forgiveness as my safety, serenity, and inner peace.”

      “Lead me to release all attack, fear, judgment, and anger.”

      “Help me forgive.”

All of these are affirmations taken from Gabby’s prayer, but you can easily make your own.  In fact, sometimes that makes it even better and more personalized! 🙂


When you work out and release endorphins while reciting positive affirmations, your brain and body become more connected on a deep level.  Suddenly your body can recall loving solutions to your problem or find a way around an obstacle in order to help you achieve a goal.  By creating the connection between your affirmations and the feel-good-vibes of your workout, you will be on your way to successfully accomplishing whatever needs to be done.


This is a favorite tip of mine for making the most out of workouts/yoga practice.  Turn it into a spiritual/motivational/prayerful time instead of just a calorie-torching session. You’ll be amazed by what happens 🙂


What is your experience with workout affirmations? Does it work for you? How so? I’d love to hear from you!


I look forward to hearing from you – whether you have questions, want to chat about life, or just want to say Hi!







2 thoughts on “Getting MORE Out of Your Workout

  1. Funny, I’ve never used my own positive affirmations during a work-out or yoga session. Why did I never think of this? lol Usually I’m just so into the music and so into the zone that I don’t even think of anything else but the present moment.

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