I Have A Confession

Elena QuoteI have a confession to make, and I have Elena’s courage to thank for my ability to be open and honest about this.

For the longest time, I have struggled to bring the strong, powerful, listening being into my every day life – off the meditation pillow and into the family room.  This has always caused me to feel an immense amount of guilt – and if you’re studying “A Course in Miracles,” you know that guilt occurs when we turn our backs on that loving voice within us.

Instead of forgiving myself and learning from my mistakes, I flipped into victim mode.

“I’m a horrible person for [gossiping/lying/being rude/etc].”

“I can’t believe I did that. I am an idiot.”

When we set such high standards for ourselves and who we know we can be during yoga and meditation, it’s often hard not to feel guilty when we don’t live up to those standards in everyday life situations.  As I was reading through “Spirit Junkie,” I happened upon this quote that really stuck with me:

Be gentle with yourself.  This isn’t a new opportunity to beat yourself up every time you deny a miracle. ~ Gabrielle Bernstein

I believe the Universe/God always sends us messages and lessons we need to learn and will repeat them until we learn what we need to learn.  This became so obvious to me when my entire yoga class was centered on the idea that we all have the ability to bring our yogi-self into our everyday-self.  They’re not separate – they’re joined and are learning to grow beautifully together.

That’s exactly what i’m doing.  Learning to grow into the person I want and need to be day by day.  To be the inspired, creative, and generous person that I am during my yoga, coaching, and meditation, and to be that person for myself, my family, and my friends.  I make errors every single day, but with each error I am willing to learn and see the situation with love.

Although it’s not easy, I ask you to open yourself up and see how you have strayed from the vibrant, wonderful version of yourself that you aspire to be.  When you make mistakes or choices that don’t go according to that (it’s inevitable!), forgive yourself.  Love yourself.  Most importantly, keep trying.  I know I will 🙂

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