The Greatest Friend I Ever Had

IMG_0011This is my lovable lump, Murphy.  My precious fur baby became a fur angel earlier this week.  This big baby spent countless hours teaching me some important lessons about friendship.  Yes, he was “just a dog” as some say… but to my family and those who met him, he was a best friend.  He just so happened to be a little furrier than the rest 🙂

Murphy, you will be deeply missed but remembered in our hearts forever! I love you.  I hope in heaven you can swim all you want and eat endless amounts of peanut butter and carbs.  Your favorite ❤

I’ve thought about what my friendship with Murphy taught me and have compiled some of the best, most rewarding lessons i’ve learned in this post.  I hope you enjoy!

Lesson One: Compassion

Unfortunately, many of us lack compassion in our friendships.  We are quick to judge, attack, and manipulate others to serve ourselves, even when we don’t realize it.  Murphy always showed an unconditional amount of compassion.  As long as his family and friends were happy, he was happy.

When people were fighting or crying, Murphy always knew.  He would come to cuddle (if he was feeling extra lovey that day) or stare at you with those big brown eyes to let you know he loved you.

This applies to our lives as well.  Sometimes all people need is compassion: someone to be there, listening with an open heart and open mind.  Sometimes the most powerful healing comes from not saying a word and letting someone pour their emotions out to an open ear.

Lesson Two: Unconditional Love & Forgiveness

Animals have a beautiful way of loving their humans with a love that is unparalleled.  Think about it: animals don’t hold a grudge.  You might yell at them one minute for tearing through the garbage can, and within five minutes, they’re wagging their tail and happy to play with you again.

Animals teach us that the best relationships come from an unconditional love and ability to forgive those who matter the most to us.  Seeing the unconditional love I could have for another being made me realize I could carry some of that into my relationships with humans as well.

Lesson Three: Learning to Smile

Most relationships these days tend to be extremely dramatic and complex, however, my relationship with Murphy was far from it.  No matter what happened during my day, I knew that I could come home to a wagging tail and Murphy’s special “aroo-ing” sounds. Without even trying, Murph brought so much happiness into my life.  He showed me that the most special relationships aren’t the ones that are so complex and involved, but rather, the ones that lift us up and make us feel whole again.

If you’re blessed enough to have an animal in your life, make sure you aren’t taking them for granted.  Some of the best moments and lessons in my life have been taken from animals (especially Murphy), and I hope you’ll be open to seeing those lessons in your life as well.

On that note … I love you and miss you Murphy.  You’re the best 🙂


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