The Obstacle Between You & Happiness

“I always fail at losing weight.  I have no willpower.”

“There’s no way I can make money doing what I love.  That’s unrealistic.”

 “That’s impossible.”

 Sound familiar?  I know.  We all do it, although some less than others.  However, this seemingly innocent internal dialogue we have going on is the main dividing factor between people who achieve their dreams and people who don’t.  What is it?


Doubt is so engrained in our brains that it has become our initial response.  People with less doubt are deamed dreamers, unrealistic, or ignorant.  Those who have high levels of doubt are seen as realistic, intelligent, and living within their boundaries.


Right now i’m asking you to look at all the ways you doubt yourself and therefore limit yourself without even realizing it.

Think about it: Maybe there’s a project you want to take on but you tell yourself, “I don’t have time for that.  My classes take up too much of my free time.”

Or maybe you want to live a healthier, happier lifestyle but you tell yourself “That takes too much work.  I am too stressed out to focus on being healthy.  I could never be like that.”

What do all of these have in common?  A belief in doubt.

Our doubts are our traitors ~ Shakespeare

I’m here to give you the hard truth: YOU are the only one stopping yourself from achieving your goals, your dreams, and the life you want to live.  For as long as you can remember, you’ve been trained to believe in doubt…  So how can you break the cycle and believe in abundance, bliss, and dreams?

According to Wayne W. Dyer (psychiatrist, author, speaker), all doubt stems from a fear.  Fear of what?  Fear of failing, disapproval, suffering, isolation, looking foolish, and success.  Yes, we are even doubtful and fearful of success!  For an in-depth exploration of this topic, check out Dyer’s book “Your Sacred Self: Making the Decision to Be Free”.


Let’s make a promise to each other and to ourselves that we will begin to bring awareness and light to the doubts we possess.  Write them down, work through them, and ask the Universe/God/Whoever for the strength and willingness to change the way you see this.  If you’re not into prayer, that’s okay!  Promise yourself you will become willing to change your perceptions of doubt.

I would love to hear how this goes for you!  It’s hard, but extremely worth it 🙂  Remember i’m always here if you need some help figuring out what’s holding you back.


Lots of love!

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